Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're hitting rock bottom

I didn’t blog last two nights because the first night we were on the way to Seattle. Last night I started to write but because of a technical problem I couldn’t save it.
Anyway, small loss. I also have had little chance to see much news. What I did see has been hilarious. The campaigns for the single most important job on earth have now been reduced to endless discussions of whose preacher is the wackiest. Can it get any more pathetic? The MSM seem to have decided that Obama is the one who should receive the most attention and they grilled him over and over and forced him to say he repudiated his minister’s words. I don’t know what all it is that the Reverend said, but from what they kept featuring on the news didn’t strike me as all that bad: Hillary is not a little black boy (true), raised by a single mother (true), who got ignored by cab drivers because she was black (true), and who lived in a culture controlled by rich white people (also true). Apparently he also said at one time that the U.S. has always been a racist society and likes racism better than religion (arguably true). Somewhere I heard that he also said that we (the U.S.) had unconscionably attacked another country and were killing innocent women and children (true), and so on. At some point he once said that cruse ships throw away more food in a day than people in Port-a-Prince see in a month (this, too, is probably true). Frankly, I can't honestly take exception to most of what he says. I think I heard someone claim that he said we (whites, I guess) created aids to kill black people (I didn't hear this so have no idea if he said it or not. I guess he could have). If he indeed said that, then I believe he is just as wacky as the rest of the religious nuts we have in this country. And if the problem is he is mixing politics and religion, so be it. Fallwell, Robertson, and the rest of the evangelicals have been doing it for years. None of these churches should be getting tax breaks of any kind, especially now that there is not even a pretense of being apolitical. Of course if you are a candidate for office in the U.S. you have to go to some church or other and pretend to be a believer because otherwise you couldn’t even be considered for office (there are just far too many nutcases in the U.S.). Obama claims he never heard any bad stuff in the sermons he heard. This seems to me unlikely, but obviously he can’t agree to the truth about the U.S. because “we can’t stand the truth.” What would you expect to hear in a black church? How wonderful things have been and are for blacks? It would be interesting to know what kind of crap Hillary’s minister dishes out every Sunday. It would also be interesting to see her tax returns. Does McCain even go to church? And how is it we don’t hear as much about Magee who seems to be even worse than Wright. Oh well, fussing about religious nuts will keep us occupied for a time. And thanks for the tornado in Atlanta, that will keep us from having to hear anymore about Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel and the Palestinians, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Darfur, etc., the recession, and truth and justice in general. And we are not in a recession, Bush said so. The surge has worked and the economy is strong. God is in his heavens and all is well, except that George W. Bush is a borderline retarded lunatic. But what the hell, he’s only the President doing the bidding of Rasputin and the corporations that control the world (and will soon have managed to corral all the money there is). So in a word, kwitzyerdambellyachin.

Seattle. The skies are overcast and it has been raining off and on for the past two days. We had lunch at Emmit’s Oyster Bar, an ancient restaurant across from the Pike Place Market created long ago by Emmit Watson who was a local Seattle columnist of some note, when I lived here years ago. It is very different now. Far more people, more traffic, more sirens, more confusion, and, alas, more inflation. Gasoline in particular is more expensive here than even in Bonners Ferry. The food available in the restaurants and markets is outstanding but will soon be too expensive for we mere mortals. But it remains beautiful, green and lush thanks to the rain. The camellias are just beginning to bloom, pansies and other flowers are everywhere. It used to be a great place to live. Now it’s a great place to visit.

This business with Obama and his church is about as slick a job of roviating as there is. First they emphasize that Obama is black and might have a problem through the idiotic racist comments of Ferraro. Now they drag in Obama's black church and some of his sermons. Black churches clearly are not altogether similar with white churches and obviously the messages are going to be different, and clearly perceived by whites as different. These differences are obviously fertile ground for more racism. Now that the race card is being played big time it obvioulsy is not going away. And Obama is obviously not in a position to attack the first white woman to have a chance to be President. It's a classic case of racism, "hit the black, he can't, or doesn't dare, hit back." It's like the whole history of the black experience being replayed in the 21st century. This is sad beyond belief. It is exactly what the Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been talking about in his sermons. Will we ever see the day when a black person successfully takes anything away from a white? I thought we might up until now, but Hillary's commitment to racism and divisiveness threatens to keep us mired in the deep south forever. Will she ever drink out of the same fountain?

“A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy.”
Benjamin Disraeli

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