Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Muddying the waters

In road rage incident, man
throws hamburger at motorist, gets
tasered and arrested for assault.

Muddying the waters. Former Presidental candidate McGovern has apparently said that America is more ready for a Black President than a woman. Wow! What a question to raise. I guess if I were a woman I’d be mighty outraged. Did you ever believe you would hear someone say Americans would prefer a black man to a white, whether woman or not? But, then, what a dismal choice. Golly, why can’t we just have a white man like we always have? On the other hand, should blacks be really proud to be elevated in status over women. I mean, really, if women are that bad, what prestige is gained by being better than that bad? I guess we’d be a lot better off if no one had raised this difficult gender/race business. Of course we might all try to grow up and recognize utter nonsense when we see it. Given the choice our questionable process has forced upon us, I would be completely happy, even more happy than that, if Obama wins the nomination and becomes President. On the other hand, I’d be delighted to have a woman President, as long as it isn’t Hillary Clinton. Unhappily, Clinton has sealed her own doom. She should never have taken those lessons from Karl Rove (and Bill). Of course McGovern, having lost big time when trying to become President, doesn’t know what he’s talking about (I heard some pundit say that). I guess if he’d won he would know? Actually, no one knows what the hell they’re talking about ‘cause there no precedent for such a situation. Further, even after one or the other is elected, no one will still know any better than they do now. Obama will not be elected because he’s black, nor will Hillary be elected because she’s a woman. Nor will either one of them lose because of their race or gender (although this might be a better bet). But this is a Presidential contest. Knowing nothing about what you are talking about has no connection with how much you talk about it. In fact, if you have to talk about it 24/7, the less you know is an advantage. If anyone knew anything the issue would not be an issue and the news (?) would be over. What would we have to talk about then? If anyone actually knew anything the entire system would fail. We’d all have to go back to scratching our heads and pitching horseshoes (I wonder how many people are aware that horses wear shoes). Anyway, if the next “war” breaks out in a few days or months there probably won’t be any election to worry about.

Somewhere, I forget where, the problem of prostitution (if, indeed, it really is a problem) has been approached by a kind of common sense idea. Selling sex is not illegal, but buying it is. Voila! Problem solved. If this works for prostitution why wouldn’t it also work for drugs? Selling drugs wouldn’t be a crime but buying them would. But, then, what would you do about drugs you can get free, marijuana, for example. Or mushrooms. Damn, there’s always a catch somewhere. Of course there is a perfectly easy and sensible solution – make drugs legal. You’d still have to get a prescription, but at least you would be dealing with a medical problem rather than a political and criminal problem. But no, this would be to sensible, we can’t have anything sensible in this country. Shucks, even if we did no one would recognize it (remember shucks, people used to talk like that. It sort of went with the horseshoe pitching).

If we don’t have enough problems with child pornography, the churches molesting children apparently almost on a daily basis, homophobia, rape and sexual assaults, we now have what is an epidemic of female school teachers in Florida having sex with their underage students. Three cases in the last few days and I think quite a few more in the past year or so. Women of from 25 to 45 having sex with boys 14 to 17. People in Florida are outraged, especially parents of the children that get involved. Everyone is demanding to know why. How can they do such a horrible thing? What’s wrong with them? They have to be punished. Etc., etc., etc. I bet I can guess what one reason is: they want sex but they don’t want aids or the clap or syphilis or something. What better way to avoid it than having sex with young people, preferably virgins. Of course it could just be they don’t like their husbands anymore, or they like some variety in their lives, or whatever. Maybe they do it for love. No, I don’t think so. Make ‘em wear the scarlet double AA. Abusive Adulterer. Put AA signs in their yards and on their license plates. Make them wear orange jump suits with the scarlet AA. Show them no mercy. But don’t arrest the Johns, people might find out. Anyway, with important stuff like this going on who has time to think about Iraq, Iran, bankruptcy, recession, depression, or the fact that our Congress is broken down by sex and age. It is truly a wondrous culture of the absurd we’re living in. Just put another shrimp on the barby (if you can afford it).

“Does it really matter what these affectionate people do—so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.”
Mrs. Patrick Campbell

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