Friday, March 21, 2008


Pastor found dead with goat rope
wrapped around neck and feet. Wife
attacked by goat. Goat is executed.

Bill Clinton did something today that I believe was one of the sleaziest, most shameful things I have seen in a very long time. In a talk, or a speech, or whatever it was, he extolled the virtues of John McCain and Hillary. One might well understand why he would speak so highly of Hillary, but why this high praise of McCain? He emphasized that McCain was a war hero, that he had given everything but his life for his country, he was an honorable man, and, more importantly, a patriot. Then he went on speaking about what good friends McCain and Hillary are, and how they both love America, and how wonderful it would be if these two patriotic Americans could face each other in the election because, although they like each other so much, they do have differences about policies, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if they could face each other “without all these other things that get mixed up in elections” (not his precise words but close enough). This is almost as interesting as wondering who is doing his hair these days. But seriously, what is this all about?

First, one might well wonder why he is praising McCain so highly in the context of a Presidential race. Why would a democrat praise a republican opponent so highly? Even if what he says about McCain is all true, what is the point of building him up so highly if he is potentially an opponent? This would seem to be a violation of the most basic rules of campaigning. And why is he emphasizing what good friends Hillary and McCain are? What benefits accrue to Hillary because she and McCain are friends? And why the emphasis on how they are both patriots and love America?

This only makes sense in the context of his ignoring Barack Obama entirely, the implication being obviously that Obama is (perhaps) not patriotic, and (perhaps) does not love America, and even more implicitly, perhaps this is because he agrees with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright who (perhaps) doesn’t love America because of his sermon in which he said “God damn America,” and etc. And what are “all these other things,” that get mixed up in elections? In this context I can only take this to mean that uppity black man, Barack Obama, who is mixed up in this election. That is, standing between Hillary and Bill’s third term. Of course it also refers to racism which has (mysteriously?) become “mixed up” as well. This is most interesting. The black vote used to belong to the Clintons. But now they have almost completely lost it to Obama. So now that it no longer matters to them they can play the race card at will, throwing the blacks under the bus, and going straight for the white votes (little old white ladies and the (presumably prejudiced) white working class vote.

Hillary should have been finished some time ago. The only reason she is not is because the media want us to believe the contest is still a contest, which realistically, it is not. Hillary has virtually no chance to win, but with the media pretending it’s still a race they sell papers and ads and Hillary keeps pretending. She and Bill are so desperate they are willing to do and say anything, even though this is causing more and more thoughtful voters to detest them. I guess now that they have become so rich they no longer care. Even Bill Richardson, who owes most of his career to Bill Clinton, has now endorsed Obama and suggested that Hillary should concede. If Pelosi, Gore, Edwards, and others would join in, it would probably be over. Will they, or won’t they?

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”
Albert Einstein

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Watch 'n Wait said...

M...Do you by any chance know if this is accurate?

And if it is, why is the media so silent about it, since they're all over Obams's pastor?