Monday, March 17, 2008

Incendiary language

Try as I might I cannot find anything much Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. said that I regard as untrue. And whether it is incendiary or not depends, I guess, on the position of the hearer. The one thing he apparently said that I find completely unacceptable is that the U.S. Government created AIDS to kill black people. If he indeed said this I find it not only unacceptable but downright wacky. Other than that I find that I am pretty much in agreement with his assessment of how things are in America. I suppose he didn’t have to say God damn America, but he could hardly say God bless America, could he? I mean, after all, we did impose sanctions on Iraq that killed an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children (Madeleine Albright claimed it was worth it). We did then launch an illegal and immoral pre-emptive “war” against a country that was no threat to us, an act that has resulted in perhaps as many as a million Iraqi deaths, mostly innocents, the deaths of almost 4000 of our finest young people and the maiming of thousands more, the displacement of up to four million Iraqis from their homes and country, the infliction of misery so immense that it cannot even be imagined, and torture and other war crimes galore. We are supposed to just sit back glowingly when we hear some dimwitted ghoulish politician regurgitate God bless America at every opportunity? Sorry. I find this totally unacceptable to say nothing of patently absurd. We are the killingest nation on earth at the moment, hands down. We do sell more military hardware for that purpose than any other nation on earth. We meddle in the affairs of everyone else as though we have some god-given right to manage the affairs of the world as only we see fit. The words of Reverend Wright are only incendiary because we do not want to hear them and have to acknowledge what we have become. We do have more black men in jail than in college. We are a racist country and always have been, as we are proving right now at this moment. We have condoned Israeli racism and quasi-genocide for the past forty or so years. We support dictators around the world as long as they do our bidding. We loot the planet of its resources and waste them as if there is no tomorrow (and one day soon there may well be no tomorrow). The Reverend is not saying anything that has not been said by social critics in books and articles for years, books and articles that are not widely read by members of the Brafia. The only reason Reverend Wright has become an issue is because they want to use race as an issue to bring down Obama, an instance of racism so blatant as to be laughable if it were not so important. You can thank Bill and Hillary for leading the way in this totally unprincipled attack on a good man who happens to be part black and therefore partly handicapped in his ability to strike back. Why Hillary thinks that making more people despise her is the road to the Presidency is a mystery I cannot fathom. Once when I was being put into an administrative position I did not want I asked a very wise old Hungarian man with lots of administrative experience what I could do. He said, among othr things, “you can do anything you want until someone tells you to stop.” Where are those who can tell Hillary to stop? Why are they not so telling her, as there is virtually no way she can win, and no way she could govern now even if she did win. When I first heard that she might prefer a one-time Republican President over a potentially younger Democratic one, so she could run again in 2012, I didn’t believe it. I think I believe it now. Where are wise men and women when you really need them?

Hillary has become so desperate she is now grabbing at straws. Her criticism of Obama because he said he would withdraw the troops within 16 months, and one of his advisors said he would obviously have to wait to see what was happening, somehow proves that he can’t be trusted. So he is supposed to do something that Hillary herself wouldn’t do. This kind of argument is so ridiculous it shouldn’t even be permitted. But when you don’t have much else to offer I guess you just scratch the bottom of the ludicrous barrel. For god’s sake Hillary, give it up before you end up burned at the stake.

“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.”

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