Sunday, March 23, 2008

It ain't over...?

Caught having sex on the altar,
woman says she wanted a
spiritual and sexual experience

There is an article by Barbara Ehrenreich in the March 31st Nation magazine entitled, “Hillary’s Nasty Pastorate.” If what this article says is true, and I do not see why I should question it, it reveals Hillary Clinton for the Republican she has been hiding inside herself all these years. “Lie down with dogs and you will get fleas.” Hillary must have fleas aplenty. A secret “Fellowship,” attended by some of the most conservative individuals in the country? This makes Obama’s relationship with the Reverend Wright look completely innocent and even wholesome by comparison.

Several more taser deaths lately, including one of a 17 year old (black) boy who apparently committed the sin of being “agitated” and “walking toward an officer,” who tasered him. He later died. There have been at least two more of these laser deaths lately, probably more. How many more little kids, teen-agers, and 90 year old ladies have to die before someone takes the latest toy away from policemen that obviously don’t use them properly? This is simply unacceptable.

Whoever said “it ain’t over ‘til its over,” (Yogi?) didn’t cover all the bases. Here we have an electoral contest which is over and yet, isn’t over. How can that be? Ask Hillary Clinton when she’s going to stop changing the rules and admit that it’s over. Or perhaps for her it ain’t over ‘til she’s destroyed Obama and the democratic party, waiting for 2012. This, too, is simply unacceptable.

Why is Joe Lieberman constantly at the side of John McCain? And Linsay Graham, too, perhaps to a lesser extent? And why, given the unprecedented turnout of democratic voters this year, plus the overwhelming advantage in fundraising, does the MSM keep trying to insist that McCain might actually win the Presidency? Especially when he is proudly running as a continuation of the Bush catastrophe? I guess for the same reason they keep insisting that the race between Hillary and Obama is still a close one, in spite of the fact that Hillary can’t win? We have a very serious problem in this country, it’s called the MSM, and it’s just doing the bidding of the giant corporations that own it.

I have quoted this before but I think it is worthwhile repeating it:
“Capitalism turns men into economic cannibals, and having done so, mistakes economic cannibalism for human nature.” Edward Hyam

I think I am having an attack of “weird.” It’s like I just popped out of the womb, looked around for a moment, and realized I was almost 80 years old. What happened? Here I am in a weird house, on a weird road, in a weird county of a weird state and weird country. I have a weird wife, a weird son, three weird cats. I am surrounded by weird neighbors, weird wild turkeys and weird deer, and doomed to watch the weirdest political contest yet. I’ll go to bed and take refuge in my dreams. I used to think they were weird, but compared with the presumed reality of the moment, I don’t think so any more. Sleep tight all.

"One of the most adventurous things left to us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams."
E.V. Lucas

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