Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hillary the slick

Woman’s body found in dry ice, along
with porch swings, toy night goggles,
and large sake bottles w/ lamp sockets.

Well, the war and torture party just keeps on going and going. Bush has now vetoed the bill that would have done away with waterboarding and such. He says the needs of he CIA are different from those of the army, marines, etc. I bet they are, and in ways that decent people should probably not want to know. It’s not very comforting to know that our country is being controlled by ghouls who obviously have no respect for human life or dignity whatsoever. As this veto is said to be safe from Congressional action that means that as usual the Brafia is behind Bush all the way. Bush and the Brafia cling to their mad desire to torture even though the experts say it doesn’t work. I find this depressing beyond belief.

It appears that Slick Willie has schooled his spouse very well when it comes to slickness. Hillary manages to convert everything into suspicion of Obama. Witness her “not as far as I know” comment on whether or not he is a Muslim. Then when she was commenting on being called a monster she responded with “I’d like to know what they are telling other countries…” Having said that she doesn’t think Obama is Presidential material she now suggests he might be Vice-President (on her ticket). This is not only the height of arrogance but also blatantly disingenious, implying that voters can vote for her but still have Obama. So desperate has she become she is also trying to tell us that even McCain would be better than Obama. And when her own campaign became shameful she demanded Obama should be ashamed. Being behind in the race she pretends she’s ahead. Not only that, she has now told us which states are important and which are not. And of course she and Bill are masters of lowering expectations. Is she taking roviating lessons from Karl Rove in addition to those from Bill? In any case, she doesn’t miss a trick. Queen Hillary the slick. She’s rapidly approaching the almost mythological stature of Dick the Slimy himself.

Hillary is supposed to win Pennsylvania easily. I’m not so sure. If she keeps on the way she’s going with her negative campaigning she may be digging herself into a hole too deep to escape from. Of course when she isn’t obfuscating and confusing event herself her supporters do it for her. Pat Buchanan, for example, keeps insisting she won Texas. Obama received more delegates, so how does Buchanan get off repeating incessantly that she won Texas? Reality and truth are concepts totally foreign to the Brafia, a vicious criminal conspiracy. I truly fear for Obama. Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, Kristol, and the rest of the ultra-conservative nuts will goad one of their dim-witted listeners into doing something desperate. What they do, and get away with day after day, is far worse than merely yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. Hatemongers, pure and simple. What is worse, they have an audience. The average I.Q. is 100. That means that half of the population have I.Q.’s of less than that. They are the supporters of this band of talk-show lunatic fanatics. Why can nothing be done about stopping the senseless slaughter in Iraq? The Brafia won’t allow it. Why are no no impeachment hearings? The Brafia won’t allow it. Why does Hillary keep running even though she cannot legally win? The Brafia has their ways. Al Capone was just tiny, tiny potatoes, compared to these guys.

“Military justice is to justice what military music is to music”
Groucho Marx

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