Sunday, April 10, 2005

Will DeLay survive?

Having been an atheist for as long as I can remember I am beginning to reconsider. If there is no God how can one explain Tiger Woods uncanny ability to hit just the miraculous shot that he needs just when he needs it? Surely someone on high looks after him.

On a more serious note, is it possible that Tom DeLay might actually survive his current investigations? There seems little doubt that he is guilty of serious ethical lapses, to put it mildly. If the Republicans cannot purge themselves of this blatantly ethically handicapped slimeball it means we are in even bigger trouble than we think. What truly amazes me is that he has supporters. I guess there are many in the Republican party who think this kind of behavior is perfectly okay. Actually, I guess this is what the Republican party has come to - cheat in every way possible, at all opportunities, trample on the Constitution if necessary, lie constantly, stonewall, defend war criminals and torturers, even commit treason if it suits you. The Grand Old Party indeed! Greedy old pirates would be more like it.

It does appear that the Administration might be starting to unravel. They are not doing well on Social Security, and doing even worse on the right to life. The Schiavo episode was a disaster for them. The economy continues to tank. They are not doing well in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their environmental record is beginning to catch up with them. The price of gasoline, while doubtless putting more and more money into their pockets, is becoming a burden on the populace. Social services and education are becoming only memories. They are, in short, an absolute disaster. But again, don't forget the miracle of apathy. The American public probably does deserve what it is getting.

Bush on his knees praying for the Pope. Carrying hypocrisy to ever higher standards.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

All you say is true...but man, how much is the nation willing to stand for? There are signs of unhappiness far and wide, yet that base of his just doesn't seem to give a damn about anything so long as Bush parades his born-again self and rails against abortion and gays...and makes sure the very rich get plenty richer. What it will take to bring down DeLay is anybody's guess. We'll see how far down we are when we see what happens to that individual.