Friday, April 01, 2005

Back from Europe

Well, Morialekafa is back. I will not bore you with details of our trip but merely observe that when it comes to food and transportation the Europeans have it all over the U.S. No comparison. We did learn that we would like very much to return to Prague when we could stay longer. But you have to like cobblestones.

I had hoped that in our absence something good might have happened. I should have known that no good will ever come from this Bush/Cheney Administration. I guess George W., Jeb, the ethically handicapped DeLay, and the Dr. who can diagnose from videotapes all made complete fools of themselves. Of course they scored some points with the various Churches for the Altogether Deranged. I was a bit surprised when Jesse Jackson showed up but then I remembered that he always shows up when there is a chance for publicity. All in all it seems a complete waste of time although it did demonstrate once again that Republicans will not hesitate to stomp on the Constitution whenever they wish. Thank heaven that Terri Schiavo was finally allowed to die in a peaceful and dignified manner. Her husband and some of the judges may not be so lucky with all the threats going around.

Interestingly enough we did not see much news about Bush. The Europeans seem to be trying to ignore him, recognizing that he is of extremely limited abilities, and apparently waiting somewhat impatiently for it all to pass. We did not experience any form of anti-Americanism but several people remarked that Bush was not very popular. No one seemed particularly rabid about it, just resigned.

I guess the Social Security fiasco is about over, at least for a while. A much deserved defeat for Bush. But it doubless served its purpose - keeping our attention away from the real problems he has created. Simple problems like Medicare, Health Insurance, the obscene national debt, the failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, torture, war profiteering and other war crimes. Remember, no matter what the outcome may be Iraq, it is still an illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and unnecessary "war" and Bush/Cheney and their gang are all war criminals. What with the media attention to the Terri Schiavo case and the obsession with Michael Jackson you might conclude that nothing is really going on in either Iraq or Afghanistan and no war crimes ever occurred in either place. The major American media are an absolute disgrace.

The piercing cry of the loons
quickens my heartbeat.
Is there a distant kinship,
an understanding,
an unspoken empathy?

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Welcome home! Just terrific to have you back. As always, your comments are right on the money.