Sunday, April 24, 2005

Life after death?

I have just seen the most extrordinary program on television I have ever seen. I never watch Larry King as I believe him to be the most obsequious parasite on the rich, famous, or supposedly important people ever. But I confess I could not resist his program in which six supposedly expert representatives of their faiths (or lack of them) held forth about something they could not possibly know anything about - namely, what happens to people after death. There was a fundamentalist bible believer, a Rabbi, a Muslim, a Catholic priest, a sort of love is the thing type, and the president of the Atheist society. It was a hoot! How on earth these presumably adult humans could blather on about life after death was amazing. Obviously none of them could have known anything whatsoever about life after death. But that didn't keep them from telling us all about it. True, no one carried on about going to the "Happy Hunting Ground," or living up on the clouds with the angels playing harps, or just going on to another world where things would continue as life on earth, only better. But at least one (guess who) did claim than anyone who did not accept Jesus would be doomed. He was not directly challenged but it was obvious that all of them, except the Atheist, believed there would be some kind of existence after death. There were even people calling in to discuss these weighty matters, as if, somehow these were questions that could actually be answered. It was absolutely amazing. Makes you wonder what they will ponder next week - how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Anyway, I already know what happens to you when you die. Nothing. That's what happens. You know why? Because you're dead, that's why. If God gave us one gift at all it is the ability to die and therefore to escape completely this vale of tears, greed, murder, rape, deceit, corruption, worry, war, genocide, torture, ill health, and the all around unpleastantness of being. Indeed, the blessedness and euphoria of death is that nothing further CAN happen to you. You can depart in peace, eternal peace. That is the gift of God, if indeed, there is a God which seems highly unlikely, and if there was one the fact that he would give you a gift is even more unlikely. Just look around, do you believe that an omnipotent, omnipresent superior being would allow what is now going on in the world?

As our leader in he Senate is about to start a new religious war I guess we will have to fight the battle of "The War of Religion and Science in Christendom" all over again. Happy days! Let's turn the clock back a few centuries. Maybe we can have a modern day inquisition. Won't that be fun?

Bolton, I think, is going down. Let's hope for the bug killer also.

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