Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Where do people get their ridiculous ideas? For example, Chafee's excuse for voting for Bolton (unless he changes his mind) is that the President is entitled to name anyone he wants for various positions. If that is so, why is the Senate involved at all? Why can't the President just announce who he wants and that is that? Because that would give him dictatorial powers. What if he decided he wanted Falwell or Robertson to take over civil rights? Or Attila the Hun to be Secretary of State? Clearly the idea that the President ought to be able to have whoever he wants is utter nonsense. Chafee is just a wimp. But as of today Condi Rice is reported to have used the same argument. How pathetic. Bolton is an absolutely stupid unreasonable appointment and should by all means be resisted. Of course Bolton is Cheney's choice, and as Cheney is really the President what can poor old Dubya do?

Republicans are worried about a delay on Bolton. It is crucial that we have someone at the U.N. immediately, otherwise we are at a disadvantage. Bullshit! They don't want a delay because they are afraid more bad news about Bolton will turn up. Previous appointments to the U.N. have taken months to process. This one, however, has to be done immediately without further checks on the candidate. Republicans are truly hypocritical and disgusting.

It looks increasingly like DeLay may be going down. I don't want to yell hoorah just yet but I am very hopeful. It will be like surviving cancer, only better. He is truly one genuinely hateful, dishonest, slimy, nasty, power-mad, corrupt jerk. Wouldn't it be nice if just once a couple of nasty bullies like DeLay and Bolton got their commeuppance? It's things like this that tempt me to actually pray.

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