Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who dunnit?

Our new Secretary of Defense outlined a new plan for troop deployments today. I guess all troops are going to have their tours extended. Then there is to be a system of 15 months on and then 12 months at home. The idea, as I understand it, is to give the troops a firm idea of where they stand, what they can depend on, and so on. This plan was announced publicly at the same time it was announced to the troops, an unusual format as usually the troop commanders and troops are getting this information before everyone else. When asked about this Gates said a most curious thing. He acknowledged that this was an unusual way of announcing such a plan but "someone higher up with little understanding or common sense had intervened." Those were not his exact words but he did say something to that effect. As far as I know (I did not watch the complete session) no one asked just who this higher up might have been. Now, who do you think would be the only person highly placed enough, and mean enough, to do such a thing? While I cannot say with certainty I should think it could only have been Dick the Slimy (who, as we all know by now, runs everything). Does any of this sound to you like planning to get out of Iraq anytime soon?

Here in Idaho Larry LaRocco has announced he will run for Larry Craig's Senate seat. It is not known whether Craig will run again although it is rumored that he may not. Of course if he does run he will no doubt get elected again. He is the perfect Senator for this red state as he never votes against the President, represents his constituency (big timber, big farmers, big business, big bigots) faithfully. LaRocco will have his work cut out for him and will have to be creative - no one ever ran against a rubber stamp before. Craig is rumored to have some unmentionable baggage that may disuade him from running again. It is not clear yet what Republican will run in his place if he does actually retire. LaRocco would make a great Senator. Unlike Craig, I think he realizes that there really were no WMD's.


as I grow older
music has turned into noise
art is now grotesque
the world is changing fast
desperately I look back

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Bubblehead said...

Actually, the new 15 month policy applies only to the Army, not to "all troops" -- for example, Marine deployments aren't changed. Also, Sen. Craig doesn't always vote with the President; he voted against CAFTA in 2005.

Maybe the world isn't really as black and white as you see it.