Saturday, April 21, 2007

Milestones in growing old

I was always just referred to by my first name or a nickname. I don't remember the first time someone addressed me as Mr. but it was a bit of a surprise. How old do you have to be to become a Mister? I eventually became accustomed to being addressed as Mr. and just accepted it as my due. But then an even greater shock to my delicate sensitivities came the first time someone called me Sir. Sir? How could I be a Sir? Well, I was one and I was often addressed as Sir for a long time. Again, I had no alternative but to accept such a salutation, so I did. After several years as a legitimate Sir, I was walking down the street when some boys on bicycles behind me shouted "lookout Gramps!" Gramps! It was a real shocker. I had no idea I looked like a Grampa. But then later, looking in the mirror, and considering my age, I had to admit that it was a fitting term. For a long time I was considered a grandpa. When I took my young son anywhere, especially to the golf course, people always commented on how nice it was that gramdpa was taking his grandson to play golf. I thought they were terribly rude and ignorant but I rarely corrected them, thinking it was probably hopeless, the price you pay for having a son come along at an advanced age. Finally, the other day, as I was crossing a busy street, I heard what I hope will be the last of these unpleasant milestones. The young man directing traffic said, "hurry up Pops." Pops! What kind of way is that to address someone sixty years older than you? I wanted to say, "Sir Pops to you, punk," but as I didn't want to get run over, I resisted. You see, life is like that. You should be prepared. I shudder to think what might come after Pops.

I had a pleasant couple of days without being burdened by the everyday idiocy that makes up the round of life these days. But reviewing things now I see that, just as Cheney predicted, the Democrats caved and have now changed their bill to simply be an advisory one. You know how Bush takes advice. Gonzales apparently made a fool of himself in front of the Senators but Bush thinks he did well. I should say Bush says he did well as we all know Bush doesn't actually think. And John McCain went way over the deep end this time with his rendition of bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. I truly believe he has totally flipped his lid, so to speak. Apparently we have abandoned trying to train Iraqi troops. Our new goal is to use American troops to establish security before we consider leaving (not that we are actually considering leaving). But obviously if you want to keep control over that oil you have to have some kind of security, at least in the Green Zone where our Puppets are being urged to sign away their resources. I must repeat what I have said so many time; we have no intention of ever leaving Iraq. No one running for President, as far as I know, has actually said they want all our troops out of Iraq, certainly not Hillary, Obama, or Edwards. Kucinich maybe, although I haven't heard him say it outright in quite that way.

The only bright spot I can see is that there seems to be some serious maneuvering over impeachment (it's about time). Kucinich will introduce articles of impeachment for Cheney next week (I guess), Vermont is very close to forcing impeachment, and there seems to be a groundswell of public opinion for just that option. Let us hope.


Bubblehead said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Vermont House isn't going to take it up. In any event, since there's no chance of getting a conviction in the Senate (and no realistic chance of impeachment even passing in the House) what's the point?

d2 at 43rdstateblues said...

Bub: What's the point? Self respect. Doing the right thing, even if it won't win a popularity contest, is important if you're keeping score for yourself. Otherwise, it's like cheating at golf.

Call me obtuse, but what (beside your usual mix of BushCo koolaid and pLiberalism) is your motive here, oh effervescent one? Smells like Schadenfreude. I mean, it can't be you lacking self-respect-- I realize they strip that away initially in your first month in the military, but eventually it grows back.

If nothing else, just debating impeachment is a chance for our representatives to prove themselves to history: where do they stand.

As for getting old, the guy next door and I heard a commotion one day behind our houses: there was a high-school fight that had been taken off-campus and a crowd of 30 or so kids were standing around waiting for it to start in an adjacent back yard. I came out to see this neighbor standing at his back fence telling them to knock that s**t off and get out of there. One of the teens looked at him and said "just go back inside and leave us alone, old man."

Neighbor kept his cool, repeated his demand and added the comment that he'd already called the cops. Crowd dispersed, problem faded away. Afterward, the 'old man' was still stinging him... he just kept muttering 'Old Man... Old MAN... OLD MAN..., that was uncalled-for'.