Monday, April 23, 2007

What did he see?

What did President Bush see that apparently no one else saw? Well, maybe he didn't see it as he didn't actually watch Gonzales being confronted by the Senators. Maybe he just heard it. Well, he probably didn't hear it either. But it doesn't seem to matter. Those who did see and hear it were unanimous in their opinions that Gonzales flunked even basic credibility. Some 70 times he claimed he had no memory of something or other. It was absolutely pathetic and everyone who watched had to have been embarrassed at the spectacle or an Attorney General being so outrageously incompetent. Not so our President. He said that he thought Gonzales did a terrific job, answered every question as honestly as he could (get that "as he could"), and as a result of such a fine performance he had even more confidence in his ability to manage the Justice Department. In other words he just trashed the opinions of all the Senators and others who made negative comments. This is not surprising. Bush has shown nothing but contempt for the House and the Senate and the American Public for the past six years. Why should he change now? He was like a petulant child who, realizing he is wrong about something, is unable to admit it and just continues insisting that his view is correct no matter what anyone else thinks about it. I've seen this kind of behavior on the playground and even in juries. The person would apparently rather die than admit his mistake.

It would seem pretty obvious that Bush is not going to get rid of Gonzales (at least not at the moment). He will probably stick with Wolfowitz as well. What does he have to lose. He's finished as President for all intents and purposes. Of course he can continue to completely foul everything up with vetoes and absurd claims about progress and what have you. Both Republicans and Democrats seem prepared to put up with him until the bitter end. He gets away with saying the most outrageous and dishonest things and no one is willing to hold him accountable. He's now like the crazy uncle that everyone just politely ignores, waiting for him to go away. Doesn't say much for the condition of our nation, does it?

Another nine troops killed while our politicians play chess with our soldiers. They seem unable to understand that these are real people being killed, not just pieces of wood or stone. But, hey, gotta have that oil. You have to give some credit to Hillary. She knows what it's all about. We have to keep some troops there to defend our interests. How much Iraqi oil do you think we could have bought for the two trillion dollars we will have invested in this unsavory business? Probably for not much more than that we could have bought the country. This has to be the most sordid chapter in all of American history. Well, maybe not, we did commit genocide on a grand scale, and we certainly showed those Philippinos a thing or two, and...and... Even so, Iraq is probably the greatest foreign policy blunder ever. You might think that by the 21st century we should have known better. Some of us did.

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