Saturday, April 28, 2007

The weather and Bush/Cheney

You remember that someone once said, "everyone talks about weather by nobody does anything about it. That seems to be where we are with Bush/Cheney. Now retired General Odom has called publicly for Bush to sign the latest bill and get us out of Iraq. All of the Democratic candidates castigate Bush/Cheney for having completely mismanaged the "war." John McCain, likewise. And some 66% of Americans have indicated their desire to bring the troops home quickly.

So what have Bush/Cheney done? A surge. A surge that was going to be short-lived and involve some 20,000 more troops. That grew swiftly into about twice that many troops. On top of that they are going to send 10,000 or more National Guard troops. Now they say we can't know until September if the surge is working. Pig pucky! The surge is not working already and things will almost certainly get worse before they get better (if, indeed, they will ever get better, which is highly doubtful). There is also talk now about keeping the troops in Iraq well into 2008 (you believe it will even stop then?).

And what has anyone done about this blatant expansion of the "war?" Next to nothing, of course. Kucinich, bless him, has filed articles of impeachment against Cheney but it appears no one else will support him. If Cheney is not obviously impeachable who in hell will ever be? The Democrats won't even cut off funding for this phony "war." They have the power to stop it right now but simply refuse. They don't want to get blamed for losing the "war" in Iraq so rather than doing the right thing they'll just let a few dozens or hundreds more of our troops get killed and maimed for life. It's just politics. Nothing like playing political games with human lives, the ultimate sport. The Democrats will end up being accused of losing in Iraq no matter what they do. So why not do something now? History is not going to deal kindly with this dishonest cowardly bunch. But what do they care? As our criminally insane POTUS said, "we'll all be dead." Some claim Bush worries about his legacy. I don't think he should, his legacy has already been established for all time - the worst president ever.

For those of you enamoured of Barack Obama, before you get too carried away you should read Paul Street's article, "Sitting out the Obama Dance in Iowa City," which appeared today on Znet.

Not to worry. I shall get my first latte of the day at Jeanz Beanz. I'll buy my wife some flowers at The Enchanged Florist. The I shall lunch at the Wily Widgeon. In the afternoon I'll latte at Expresso Yourself, and finally I will dine at the Mouldy Moose. Cute, huh? I hate cute.

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