Sunday, April 01, 2007

Really McCain?

I don't know what to make of Senator McCain. Remember he recently said there were places you could safely walk the streets in Bagdad and that General Petreas (sp ?) was driving around in a unprotected Hummer. Of course he immediately had to retract his words when it became obvious he was dead wrong. So now, apparently to prove his point, he visited Bagdad and walked one of the steets near the Green Zone...accompanied by a large armed guard, two helicopters, and I guess some armed vehicles as well. So, see, you really can walk around in Bagdad. Then, to top that off, he insisted that things are indeed getting better. It does make you wonder, doesn't it?

Apparently Republicans were told by our Generals that they will demonstrate progress by August, and if not, they will recommend we withdraw. I don't know if this is true but it was reported by Andrea Mitchell who I think is usually pretty good at her profession. The most interesting thing about this is that some Republicans confessed that they voted for the surge even though they didn't believe it would work. In other words they decided to gamble with more lives on a wager they actually believed would fail. Well, what the hell, what's a few more lives more or less? I came to the conclusion quite some time ago that Republicans have no empathy, no compassion, no sense, and not much in the way of brains. While they have very few blacks, hispanics, or other minorities in their party, they do have diversity: morons, dimwits, nitwits, halfwits, idiots, sociopaths, pea brains, and lots of borderline retarded, to say nothing of fools, scoundrels, crooks, liars, and the otherwise demented. If this were not true we would have been rid of Bush/
Cheney and their gang of thieves and war criminals long ago.

Why are Idaho schools so poorly funded and decrepit? Ask Republicans, they have been in charge for a long time. They apparently don't like children. I guess they must believe children are simply God's punishment for original sin.

Some religious fundamentalist preacher is going around proving evoluton does not exist by opening jars of peanut butter. He claims that if you don't find life in an opened jar of peanut butter that proves evolution cannot be true. It's not clear what kind of life he thinks might be there, maybe some people living with dinosaurs? Maybe maggots or mermaids? Go figure. Unfortunately, I think he is serious.

Clement Leroy Otter, our current governor, could not agree with our legislature over reforming our regressive taxes on food so they managed to do nothing about it at all. Neither of two half-assed proposals could be enacted. Of course they didn't seriously consider doing what ought to be done - getting rid of this terribly regressive tax completely and replacing it with something that would be much more fair like, perhaps, a tax on services.

Does anyone know if Craig or Crapo have EVER voted against our Republican President?

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