Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Bush, according to an Associated Press Reporter, "dismissed any idea of simply 'stopping for the sake of stopping, without a plan for lasting peace.'" This statement by Bush reveals a mind so vacuous, so lacking in compassion, so devoid of empathy, so divorced from reality, so thoughtless, so unutterably stupid, one can only conclude that he must be a psychopathological sociopath (if there can be such a thing). Certainly absent is any concern whatsoever for human life, at least the lives of Arabs. Apparently he is unable even to understand that stopping might save the lives of hundreds of people, including many children. Does he think it is possible to go on killing until suddently there emerges a permanent solution? The fact is, this statement reveals that he obviously doesn't think at all (this does not come as news to some of us who have argued from the beginning that he is marginally retarded - but it turns out he is far worse than merely that). Rice, who has now failed miserably as Secretary of State, is just as bad. Her statement to the effect that we are now seeing "the birth pangs of a New Middle East," has so enraged the Arab world it is doubtful anyone will ever take her seriously again, if they ever have (it is revealing that Lebanon has already told her she is unwelcome). So...things continue to go well in the Middle East (especially in Iraq - remember Iraq?). Well, Iraq has kind of been upstaged by Gaza and Lebanon and they, in turn, may quite likely be upstaged by Syria and Iran if the neocons get their way. Might I point out that if they manage to drag Syria and Iran into another "war," the consequences will be so terrible as to be almost unimaginable. But I guess Armagedon is what they desire. These people are crazy, absolutely and totally, completely evil and with no saving graces whatsoever. Do they represent you? They certainly don't represent me. I am a U.S. citizen in limbo. If Democrats cannot capture the House or the Senate (preferably both) I do not know what I might become.

Well...Mel Gibson certainly made a fine mess of things. Drunk, disorderly, spouting vicious anti-Semitic remarks, in general making an absolute fool of himself (a common problem for drunkards). Now he wants us to believe he is not anti-Semitic or a bigot, it was just the booze talking. Nonsense, drunks don't rave about things that are the exact opposite of what they believe. When drunk they lose their inhibitions and say the things they believe they are usually unable or too restrained to say. Will Hollywood forgive him? Of course. Hollywood is only interested in money and Gibson has lots of it and the ability to generate even lots more. Disney is said to have cancelled a project with him. Don't expect everyone else to follow suit (don't even bet Disney won't eventually come around). Some are saying his career is ruined. Balderdash! Wait and see. Even some of the Jews have already forgiven him (they are said to be interested in money too). He has apparently entered a rehabilitation program. He'll get lots of points for that (whether it works or not). Ah, Hollywood. Ah, America. Ah, s....

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Bubblehead said...

Even some of the Jews have already forgiven him (they are said to be interested in money too).

I've heard many other places that Jews are interested in money, but it's always good to see it confirmed here.