Monday, August 28, 2006

Disarm Hezbollah? Never

What is this utter nonsense about disarming Hezbollah? Has Hezbollah been trying to incorporate Israel into Lebanese territory? Has Hezbollah been the aggressor in the years of Israeli designs on Lebanese territory? In fact, Hezbollah came into being as a result of Israeli aggression. So far Hezbollah is the only organization that prevents Israel from simply moving into Lebanon and taking over all the territory up to the Litani River (if not beyond). Now the U.S. and Israel are demanding that Hezbollah be disarmed. What a great idea! A wonderful solution to the problems in the Middle East. Why didn't people think of a great solution like this when Germany was attacking France. If France would have simply disarmed the problem would have disappeared. Right? So now we have Santos saying we should deny aid to Lebanon, and Germany arguing they have a right to inspect ships coming into Lebanon, and Israel arguing they will monitor all air and water shipments into Lebanon because they may be carrying arms to Hezbollah. Who monitors the shipments of billions of dollars worth of military equipment into Israel? Lebanon is supposed to be a sovereign nation. Hezbollah is a genuine political party in that besieged country. The Lebanese army is unable by itself to resist Israeli aggression. Hezbollah is not. To insist Hezollah disarm is basically saying that Lebanese territory should be given to Israel. Ask the Lebanese at the moment if they want to see Hezbollah disarmed. If they want Hezbollah purged from their country. By what right is Israel to be given free reign to run the Middle East as they desire? Who are they (or the U.S., for that matter) to decide who can have arms and who cannot? Who are we to tell the Iranians they cannot legally develop nuclear energy? Indeed, who are we to even tell them they cannot develop a nuclear bomb? We have such bombs. Russia has such bombs. England has such bombs. France has such bombs. Pakistan has such bombs. India has such bombs. China has such bombs. Even North Korea has such bombs. Iran (Persia) had a relatively "high civilization" when our ancestors were still wearing the skins of animals. They are not stupid people. They recognize what is right from wrong. They are not foolish enough to destroy their country merely in order to get rid of Israel. Even if they had a nuclear bomb they would not be a threat to the U.S., certainly no more than Russia has been a threat for years. This whole business about Iranian nuclear activity has nothing to do with the real problem, the same problem that exists with Iraq. They have lots of oil. And Cheney wants to control it. We want a "change of administration" in Iran, just as we did in Iraq. In other words we want another puppet government that will do our bidding. And Cheney is apparently stupid enough to believe he can achieve his goals simply through the force of arms. If his crazed dreams of empire have not already been destroyed by the debacle in Iraq, they will surely be put to death if he attacks Iran, an idea at the moment so insane as to get him committed to an institution (if we were living in a sane society, which apparently we are not).

By the way, if you are in College or University, and you want grant money to help out your education, don't major in evolutionary biology. The powers that be have ruled that such a major is not entitled to financial aid. They now claim this was merely a mistake. Yeah, Iraq was merely a mistake. Abu Ghraib was merely a mistake. Outing Plame was merely a mistake. Our obscene national debt is merely a mistake. In fact, the greatest mistake of all time has been the Bush/Cheney administration. In this case enough is far more than enough. Vote Democratic!

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