Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush gets it!

George W. Bush, our sort-of president, seems to have finally got it. He said in his recent Press Conference, "These are not joyous times." See, he finally noticed. Does that mean hope? Unfortunately not, as he says he will change nothing, just go on with his winning strategy called "stay the course." As virtually every sentient being on the planet now knows there is no hope of "winning" you might think he would finally "get that" too. As he insists that Israel "won" in Lebanon I guess he thinks we are winning in Iraq (I shouldn't say "thinks" as it is obvious that is not an activity he engages in). Does he actually believe we might be winning? I doubt it. Even he can't possibly be that stupid (I hope). But as he has managed to get caught in a difficult situation of his own making, and obviously has no idea how to get out of it, what else can he do but continue to insist that we are winning, or, at least, going to win. His plan now (if he can be said to have one) is to stay the course until the next president will have to deal with it. What is the poor guy to do? On the one hand there are large numbers of Americans who want us out. But they are mostly Democrats so they don't count for much. On the other hand, Cheney and the neocons want us to attack Syria and Iran (an idea at the moment so absurd as to be absolutely terrifying). McCain, who might well be the Republican candidate for president in 2008 insists the problem can be solved by sending more troops (this is an idea so supremely insane that by itself ought to disqualify him from the nomination). The Republicans are looking for a semantic solution to the raging civil war in Iraq (is it technically a civil war or what?).

Bush also in his Press Conference, when asked what Iraq had to do with 9/11 said "nothing." Can you believe it? Of course he is trying to deny that anyone ever said there was a link (there must be tons of vidiotape to show how utterly false this claim is). He has lied so consistently people now just ignore it (unfortunately). We've become so accustomed to his lying we no longer even expect that he will not be lying whenever he opens his mouth. That is what is so shocking about his public confession today that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Is he suddently getting soft-headed or did he just forget the party line for a moment? Not that it matters as the whole world knows by now the Iraq "war" was brought about through constant lies by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice et al. The world knows they are war criminals as well. What, if anything, will ever be done about it?

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