Friday, August 11, 2006

Another terrorism plot - ho hum

As seems to be typically the case with recent terrorism plots, either they turn out to be not serious, made up, or, at the very least, not what they seem. What to make of this latest terrorist plot to use liquid explosives to blow up flights from the U.K. to the U.S.? Whether they are made up or not they all involve politics. This latest plot, hatched in England by mostly Pakistanis, may have been serious rather than just a phony. I don't know. But there are some questions one might want answers to. For example, if they following this plot since July of 2005, why did they wait to this precise moment to reveal it? Why not a week ago? A month ago? Two weeks from now? Would I suggest American politics had something to do with it? Do bears do it in the woods? Then there is the interesting fact that this discovery of a terrorist plot had little or nothing to do with American intelligence - it was the British that discovered and exposed it (but don't believe the U.S. won't claim an important role in it). As our anti-terrorism program has been a dismal failure we have to try to get some credit somewhere. There is also the interesting point that ten years ago there was a plot uncovered in the Phillipines having to do with blowing up airline flights with liquid explosives. Apparently no research was done on this procedure. This recent plot has been treated as something unprecedented. Bush has apparently been trying to reduce a budget for this type of research by six million dollars. If one had to describe our anti-terrorism efforts to date, Keystone cops would surely come to mind.

I am trying as hard as possible to refrain from hysterical laughter. Israel has asked that we expedite more cluster bombs (which are supposedly illegal). We have agreed to do this but are admonishing them to "be careful."

Locally things are progressing. Dennis Hastert is going to appear in Post Falls to support Bill Sali (who, if you don't know, is running for Congress from North Idaho). Bill Sali was described to me today by someone who formerly served with him as "another born-again Christian nutcase." I have heard this sentiment was widely shared by other of his colleagues. But better yet, Dick the Slimy himself is coming to Boise to support Sali. So, if you like Dick Cheney (who is arguably the most evil and hated man on the planet) you ought to really like Bill Sali. Sali, I have been told, is anti-abortion, even in cases of incest or rape, is anti-gay, anti-tax, anti-education, and I guess just about anti-everything decent citizens ought to be for. Larry Grant, his opponent, is just about everything you might want in a Congressman: smart, personable, informed, fair-minded, open to suggestions, willing to compromise if necessary, and so on. His biggest problem - he's a Democrat, and this is Idaho.

I appear to be the number one target for absolutely ridiculous spam. I guess this is because my computer is so antiquated it has no way of blocking this stuff. I get about 70 to 100 of these emails daily. The people who engage in this kind of marketing apparently do not discriminate at all and just send their stuff everywhere. So I get emails offering me new cars, laptops, student loans, black dating, older dating, younger dating, erotic conversation, payday loans, cooking utensils, free this and free that, and other things too ridiculous to mention. I am about to be 77 years old. They don't seem to be interested in the fact they are not only wasting my time but seriously wasting their own time. I received an offer today to buy two bottles of fine wine, complete with corkscrew. Now wouldn't you assume that anyone interested in buying two bottles of fine wine might already possess a corkscrew? As you have not been able to carry corkscrews on airplanes for quite a long time, everytime I have traveled someplace I have had to buy a corkscrew. Then I mail it back to myself. I now have enough corkscrews to probably use a different one for each individual bottle of wine. Oh, well, just be careful with them cluster bombs.

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Bubblehead said...

Speak TRUTH To Power! Once again, you cut through all the Rovian B.S. and get straight to the heart of the matter. Everything bad in the world happens because of Bush! If anything bad happens in the world, it's Bush's fault; by inference, everything else in the world, that doesn't have to do with Bush, must be good.

This is a tough week for progressives. While we'd like to say that this "plot" is proof that Bush makes people hate us, we also want to claim that the plot didn't really exist because 1) Muslims are peaceful, and 2) Bush made up the plot to help his joooooo friend, Lie-berman. It makes me confused. You're right that the timing proves that it's all a Rovian plot; every bad thing that's every happened in the last five years was timed to cancel out some bad piece of news for Bushitler and his plans for MLB dominiation of the world! You should come up with a schedule of days over the next 2 1/2 years where Bush is allowed to announce bad news without being accused of timing it all for political advantage. If bad things happen during times when he can't announce it, then that's tough! He'll just have to keep it secret. The press should also not be allowed to report on these things if it's not during your allowed dates. Please post the list of dates in your next post.

My theory -- follow the money. I bet you'll find that Bush actually owns all the airport bottled water concessions; people can't bring their water through security, so they have to buy it on the concourses to take on the planes. And who will profit? Bush! (And MLB, of course.)