Sunday, August 20, 2006


What does it say for the condition of the world to know that CNN now has a regular program entitled "This Week at War?" What is even more depressing is to consider this may well become a permanent program. What a sick bunch of human beings inhabit this pathetic little planet. It probably won't matter much longer as we have now fouled our nest so bad (perhaps irreparably) that we can't survive much longer. I guess the oil and defense corporations can take their obscene profits with them when the "Rapture" arrives. I'd like to hear them explain it all to Big JoJo.

It appears that the latest terrorist threat (you know, London, plot to blow up airplanes, etc.), is going to turn out to be pretty much a bust like all of the other so-called plots. It seems these "conspirators" had no tickets, no explosives, no passports, and no way on earth to have carried out such a plot within any finite amount of time. Indeed, some experts claim what they are said to have wanted to do would be impossible. So chalk this one up to the same Administration crap about blowing up the Sears tower, some bridge in Michigan that services a few rural dwellers, the totally phony Los Angeles story, and whatever others you can remember. Has any serious terrorist plot actually ever been uncovered in the last couple of years? Oh, I forget, if we dare criticize the Bush?Cheney war criminals, or dare to vote for an anti-war candidate, we will immediately be attacked by terrorists who hate us merely because we have "freedoms." Bush and Cheney's plans for the Middle East ARE "crap." It's nice to know more and more people are coming to that basic truth.

Whittaker Chambers, during his testimony against Alger Hiss, once said, "For there are kinds of music that the world should not hear." Bush/Cheney have taken this to heart and believe we should not hear any music at all. Will we ever hear music again or are we doomed to just put up with their incessant "noise" forever?

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Bubblehead said...

Speak TRUTH to Power! You just know that those darn Brits made up all those "martyrdom" videos they found; they're probably being subjected to Rovian Mind Control Rays (RMCR). This is clearly another case of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/
Rice/Halliburton/MLB trying to take away our civil rights. You should join us at BlameBush! as we discuss the Vermont peace activist who was kept from exercising her constitutional right to control her body on a recent flight from Britain.