Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Israeli/U.S. genocide

I think the truth has been lurking down in the inky depths of my puny brain all along. But the truth is so horrible that I have not been able to bring it into consciousness until now. Things are so bad that I can no longer repress what I believe to be true. What is going on in Lebanon (and Gaza) is nothing less than genocide. And this Israeli genocide is being actively supported by the U.S. Thus for the first time since the 1800's (when our genocide of American Indians was completed) we are involved in genocide. I don't know what other conclusion one could come to. Clearly the Israeli response to the capture of two of their soldiers (soldiers are ordinarily captured, not kidnapped - but kidnapped makes it sound worse) is far more than necessary. And indeed, we know now that the plan for the invasion of Lebanon was hatched at least a year before this incident allowed it to take place. People have been wondering why the Israelis reacted in such a completely unprecedented and overly aggressive way to what was really not much more than an ordinary border dispute (disputes of this type have been commonplace). Why have they been focused on killing civilians, bombing apartment buildings, insisting that people in southern Lebanon get out of there? Why are they making sure that these refugees will have no homes to return to? Why are they insisting to move all the way to the Litani River (and perhaps even further if they can)? What conceivable explanation can there be for such overwhelming destruction? Why are they refusing to even allow humanitarian aid to enter Lebanon? Why have they threatened even the UN if they attempt to rebuild the roads into Lebanon for humanitarian aid? Is this simply some kind of insane blood lust? I suggest the answer is quite clear. They want the Lebanese to vacate this territory and they intend to illegally occupy it just as they continue to occupy Palestinian and Syrian lands. They say they don't intend to occupy southern Lebanon. That is clearly utter bullshit. They certainly do not have a good track record when it comes to vacating stolen land. Remember, the early Israelis thought their border should be the Litani River. And remember, Israel occupied Lebanese territory for some twenty years before being chased out by Hezbollah. They have coveted this land and the Litani for a long time. Now they are trying to get the U.S. and even the International community to do for them what they are unable to do for themselves - disarm Hezbollah and occupy southern Lebanon once again. This is a blatant act of genocidal colonialism, backed by the U.S. Oh, the U.S.is in it up to our eyeballs. Why stalling in a cease fire for days "to allow the Israelis to accomplish their goals?" Why rushing them more bonbs and missiles? The French (god bless 'em) seem to have figured this out and now have withdrawn from the plan they originally drew up with the U.S. France now wants Israel to have to withdraw from southern Lebanon (because they know what will happen if they are allowed to stay - new Israeli settlements and claims to occupied territory. I guess Congress will have to change French fries back to Freedom fries. Those disgusting Frenchmen!).

I can see no other explanation for what is going on. Why the complete destruction of Lebanese infrastructure? Why the refusal of even humanitarian aid? Why the deliberate annihilation of Lebanese citizens, including women and children (nits make lice?). Why the destruction of hospitals and ambulances? Why the warnings to leave, but not drive anywhere? For me, there is only one answer and that is this is a deliberate, blatant act of genocide with the ultimate aim of claiming Lebanese territory. Hezbollah is the only thing that stands between them and their goal. Their strategy is simple and transparent - get everyone to agree that it is all Hezbollah's fault and they have to be disarmed (if not entirely eliminated). They seem to have pretty much convinced all American politicians of this totally partisan falsehood. France (and some of the Arab nations) may be all that stands between Israel and their immoral, indecent, genocidal goals. Palestine and Lebanon now, Syria and Iran next. God help us all if they get away with this genocidal horror.

Bush/Cheney and the neocons have to be involved in this plan. But don't forget that our Congress voted overwhelmingly to support Israel against Hezbollah. The Israeli lobby is powerful indeed, and totally lacking in morality or even common sense. Israel is now doomed to centuries of terrorism and violence and the U.S. will probably not fare much better. The U.S. policy in the Middle East has been, and continues to be, a total disaster, far beyond even the most active imaginations. Bush/Cheney, you've done a heck of a job!