Friday, March 31, 2006

What's Up?

There was no morialekafa last night because there was a meeting of the Boundary Country Democrats featuring the appearance of Larry Grant, running for the Congressional position being vacated by "Butch" Otter. Otter wants to run for Governor of Idaho. One person remarked lately that "If Otter gets elected we'll have a pair of tight jeans and a hangover in the State House" (which I think is a pretty good summary of Otter's qualifications). Larry Grant is smart, personable, and eminently electable. If we can't get a Democratic Governor this time it will probably be impossible to ever get one. There is a Democratic fundraiser tonight down the road in Bonner County (Sandpoint), again featuring Grant.

It appears to me that most everyone at the moment is standing by for shoes to start dropping all over the place. A second one of DeLay's aides pleaded guilty to bribery charges today (getting closer to DeLay all the time). Abramoff sentenced to almost six years in prison is being allowed to stay free for another 90 days in order to cooperate with officials interested in Congressional leaders and others who might be guilty of bribery and other offenses. Fitzgerald is said to be readying at least one further indictment and possibly two. Although Feingold's attempt to censure Bush has no chance of passing it is stimulating more and more talk of impeachment. Very suspensful times. Better than going to the circus (except there are more clowns involved - otherwise known as Republicans).

Given the extremely low poll numbers for Bush/Cheney and the Congress, and also given the problems with electronic voting, what will happen during the 2006 elections? No matter who wins, will anyone believe it? Especially if Republicans win substantially? What happens if it becomes apparent that Republicans have blatantly stolen further elections? Will the Democrats once again just give up and ignore it as they have up to now?

Are Bush/Cheney actually crazy enough to try to attack Iran? To drop nuclear bunker-buster bombs (and start World War III)?

Just think, we have all these things to look forward to, and fastening your seat belts may not be much help. We are mired deep in the "Nightmare Years."

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Watch 'n Wait said...

M..I'm thinking that if they screw with the voting again, the marching in the streets now on immigration will look like nothing.