Saturday, April 01, 2006

"enduring bases"

Watch 'n Wait: I believe you are right, at least I sincerely hope so. Perhaps someday we shall meet in Washington D.C.

All this time I have been insisting the U.S. has been building four permanent bases in Iraq and now, according to the Independent, we are actually constructing six "enduring bases." It is not at all clear to me what the difference is between enduring and permanent. There can be no doubt, none whatsoever, that the Bush/Cheney criminals have never had any intention of leaving Iraq. Enduring bases (if that's what you want to call them) have always been part of the plan. We need a Puppet Government to ask us to stay and while that seems a bit harder to accomplish than we thought, it is still clearly the goal.

What is it with these right-wing conservatives? One of them suggested to me that Rachel Corrie "lived like a terrorist and died like a terrorist." This absurd claim is now being outdone by right wingers who say Jill Carroll is pregnant with an Arab baby, that she deliberately had herself kidnapped to raise sympathy for the insurgents, that she should never have said her captors treated her well, and etc., etc. Apparently these nitwits can't believe that her captors actually did treat her well, at least in terms of feeding her and giving her clothes and such. If this is true, and I have no reason to suspect it is not true, what would they expect her to do - lie? Remember she said they treated her well after she was released, not at the point of a gun. And if she said at the point of a gun that Bush lied about Iraq, even that is true. He did lie. And he continues to lie. In any case, it ought to be obvious that if they forced her to say certain things as a condition of her release, she would under the circumstances say such things. Commentators like Jonah Goldberg and Howard Kurtz, and others, who make such claims on the basis of no knowledge of the circumstances whatsoever, are vile beyond belief. They are even worse than vile, they are sick in their tiny little Republican minds. They apparently cannot even conceive of the possibility that these young women might actually have acted out of noble and idealistic motives, as such behavior is totally foreign to them.


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