Saturday, April 08, 2006


Despite overwhelming evidence that the current Bush/Cheney Administration is guilty of multiple impeachable offenses and war crimes, to say nothing of gross incompetence when it comes to governing, virtually nothing happens to do anything about it. This does not seem to me to be a case of the wheels of justice moving too slowly but, rather, that the wheels of justice no longer move at all in the United States. This is the direct result of one party control and reveals a terrible flaw in our two party system. When the founding fathers created our remarkable three part political system, where the three different branches would serve as checks and balances on each other, it apparently never occurred to them that it would be possible for one political party to control all three branches and thus hold absolute power. As at the moment the Democrats have no effective power, no supoena powers, etc., they are rendered helpless. Nor, I think, did the founding fathers imagine a situation in which American politicians would place party above national interest. But that is what has happened. Republicans alone have the power to change this nightmarish situation and refuse to act. The only solution (if in fact it even remains possible) is to vote them out of office entirely. As many of our leading Democrats seem to be aiding and abetting these Republican criminals the rule of thumb ought to be INCUMBENTS OUT, NEW BLOOD IN. It basically comes down to a battle between corporate power (and naked greed) versus democracy and human rights. If we continue to allow labor and land to be treated as commodities no better than pork bellies and chicken fat we are surely doomed.

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