Sunday, April 02, 2006

What's what?

I confess that I no longer know what's what. Libby's lawyers are now trying to get Fitzgerald disqualified and everything he has done simply dropped (at least as I understand it). What I do not understand about this is why they waited until now to bring up this particular attempt. If it is true that Fitzgerald somehow exceeded his mandate surely they should have argued this previously? I think he has gotten too uncomfortably close to President Dick the Slimy.

And speaking of Dick the Slimy, one of the most evil, greedy, disgusting creatures ever to walk the earth, I do not believe that even he is insane enough to attack Iran. At least not at the moment. God, I hope I am right about this. If not, we are in for another World War, if not nuclear annihilation. Iran, even if it had nuclear weapons, is not a threat to anyone, anymore than any other country who has such weapons. A nuclear armed Iran would surely not attack Israel, knowing they would be immediately blown off the face of the planet if they did so. And apparently they are a very long way from having such weapons anyway. So, if we were to attack Iran it would not be because they were a threat, but, as in the case of Iraq, because they have so much oil (Cheney and his criminal band apparently can never have enough oil). I wonder if he bathes in it every night, or just anoints himself with it like his dimwit friend Ashcroft (you know, the eagle that flies to cover up the titties).

I guess the real question is, are Bush/Cheney and the neocons going to be allowed to continue their absolutely unconstitutional, illegal, power-grabbing ways or will someone at last stand up and stop them? Doesn't look too promising at the moment. But what the hell, it's only our nation and democracy at risk. Survivors and Lost are a lot more interesting, to say nothing of celebrities.

I also don't know exactly what's what with Jill Carroll. The interview I saw on TV where she said she had not been hit and had been treated well was not conducted under duress (at least I don't think it was). This is not to say she was not threatened previously and forced to say things she might not have believed. What I am pretty certain of is that she is not pregnant with an Arab child, and did not arrange her own kidnapping out of sympathy for the insurgents. She is no "Taliban Jill" and the attempts by ultra-right commentators to portray her as such is just plain sick (apparently you have to pass a "sicko test" in order to become a right wing commentator or an employee of Fox News).

Oh, yeah, Jack Straw apparently made a slip of the tongue and introduced Condi as Condom Rice. Honest.

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