Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hooray, hooray,
its almost May,
we'll soon be rid
of Tom DeLay.

Out of the Congress,
back to work,
killing bugs,
what a jerk.

I rarely pray,
but I'm happy to say,
goodbye Tom,
don't delay.

Corny? Yeah, I know. But count your blessings. I could have gone on and on.

Can you believe it? Does justice still exist in Bush/Cheney's America? Is it true that the most dishonest, corrupt, vile Congressperson that ever existed is actually being brought down? Please don't tell me this is just another April Fool's joke. Of course he is only resigning because he doesn't want some liberal Democrat to take over his position. How does he know his resignation will bring about such a result? Is the fix still in? DeLay is such a sweet guy. How could anyone wish him ill? Too bad, Tom, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

In order to take away some of the attention to the sad case of Tom DeLay the Republicans have decided to go after a Black Congresswoman who, apparently, is about to be charged with attacking a Congress Policeman. ATTACKING A POLICEMAN! My god, what these Black Congresswomen won't do. She is said to have stabbed him with her cell phone. STABBED HIM WITH A CELL PHONE! Besides that, she has bad hair. Is this not a wonderful whacky world we live in?

Now we have the sad case of John McCain, war hero, turned bootlicker. McCain, who opposed Bush for the Republican nomination and was absolutely villified by the Republicans (he has a black baby, his mind is gone because of his torture, etc.), has since then become a devotee of Bush, hugging him, supporting him, promoting his policies, and so on. The same McCain who criticized Fallwell and other right-wing Evangelists in the past is now openly courting them. There is just nothing a girl won't do for diamonds (or the nomination). This is so pathetic it makes one want to vomit.

Iraq is engaged in a Civil War. I know, I know, Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice deny it, but its true. Of course you might want to argue the definition of civil war - that is really helpful. Just trust me, Iraq is engaged in a Civil War and it is going to become worse and worse. Whose side are we on? No one seems to know. I guess we will just retreat to our six permanent (oh, excuse me, "enduring" bases) and wait it out, protecting our stolen oil in the meanwhile.

Tucker Carlson says the idea of censuring or impeaching Bush is absurd. Tucker Carlson is the most incompetent, stupid, useless, mindless, partisan, dishonest, bow-tying dressed jerk who ever managed to get on television. Thank god I never have to watch him. I don't even like to hear about him except that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Having flunked out on Crossfire he somehow managed to get a gig somewhere else (Fox?). The Lord works in mysterious ways.

So long Tom. Try to avoid the slammer. But let's hope you will have a lot of company.

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