Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drinking the kool-aid (and then some)

There will be no Morialekafa until tuesday night. Be prepared for a new bunch of pathetic lies (speeches) from President Numbskull.

Actually, Republicans must be imbibing something much stronger than the kool-aid these days. Consider the following Republican remarks in the last couple of days:

Bill Frist, the nitwit leader of the Senate Republicans, defending Bush, actually said (I can't believe he was serious but he would like to be President) about those criticizing Bush, criticizing our "Commander-in-Chief who is leading us with a bold vision in a way that is making our homeland safer is wrong." Leading us with a bold vision (stay the course, stay the course, stay the course)? Making us safer in our homeland (we are far less safe now than before)? Frist apparently won in the straw poll for who Republicans wanted the most to be their candidate in 2008 (he shipped in supporters to insure he would win).

Then there is Karl Rove, boy genius, who has not been roviating a lot lately (too busy trying to stay out of jail). In a recent speech to another audience of brain dead Republican faithful said, "we will not leave Iraq until total victory." Conveniently, he did not define total victory. Some think he must mean winning the elections in 2006, as it is unlikely we will ever win total victory in Iraq. Indeed, it is as meaningless to talk of total victory in Iraq as it would be to claim Republicans have souls. Just what in the hell would victory in Iraq entail? A government that will be totally subservient to U.S. interests (this seems to be a lost cause)? Perhaps total victory means we will have killed the last Iraqi on earth (we seem to be really trying as hard as we can). I guess total victory means we will not only have successfully brought democracy to Iraq but it will spread throughout the entire Middle East (this is about as likely as pigs flying - actually far less likely). But I know it sounds good. Bush and Cheney and Rove and Rumsfeld all seem to think it could possibly happen (they are not known for being right about one single thing so far).

Zalmay Khalilzad, our Ambassador to Iraq, has now announced that we (the U.S.) do not wish to have permanent bases in Iraq. I wonder if he cleared this with Cheney. What, pray tell, are we going to do with the four billion dollar bases we have been busily constructing all this time? I guess we will just turn them over to the Iraqis. Perhaps they can use them for kindergartens? Or better yet, as hostels for the 2100 Olympics.

Finally, for the moment, there is the case of John (the weird) McCain. At the straw vote the other day he said people (I guess you might consider Republicans people) should vote for George W. Bush, as he is our President, and we should support him no matter what the polls show. Always the sportsman, he doesn't think we should abandon him just because his poll numbers are lower than a snake's belly. I guess he thinks the reasons his poll numbers are so low is just because of the fickleness of the public. After all, those numbers couldn't really mean that Bush is a hopeless, incompetent, numbskull who has come very close to destroying our country.

If you believe any of what these Republican "leaders" say, ask your doctor if you need psychiatric care.

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