Thursday, March 09, 2006


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Congress today apparently told Bush/Cheney that their Dubai ports deal was dead in the water, could not possibly be approved, and that was that. They have enough votes to override any threatened veto. They didn't make at all clear what might happen now.

This reminds me of an anecdote I once read somewhere (probably in a Doctor's or Dentist's office as that is the only place I ever see a Reader's Digest. I confess I never read anything in the Digest other than the jokes and anecdotes. Similarly, I never read anything in the New Yorker other than the cartoons - ever. I guess this will give you an indication of the shallowness of my character. But I digress).

It seems that a well known gambler died and his funeral was attended by relatives and many of his peers. The minister was saying something to the effect, "Nick hasn't really died, he's just passed on to another place." A voice from the rear of the church said, "eight to five he's dead." I strongly believe that in the case of the Dubai ports deal, it's eight to five it's not really dead. They (Bush/Cheney and their universally dishonest colleagues) will figure out a way to put lipstick on the pig and get away with it in spite of the opposition. It's the Republican way.

There is more and more talk about impeachment. Several towns in Vermont have voted for impeachment. The concept is more and more being mentioned, even in such disreputable places as the Wall Street Journal. But it's still all just talk. I guess it's good that Congress has blocked the Dubai ports deal (or at least have pretended to), and there is still talk of indicting Rove and perhaps even Cheney, and maybe someday we'll really know what happened prior to 9/11, and as we don't torture there's no need to dwell on that unpleasant topic, and of course Blair/Bush did not conspire to start an illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and unnecessary war, and things are going well in Iraq. Rumsfeld is still standing around pretending to be Secretary of Defense and basically saying, "what's going on here?" The fact that Rumsfeld is still Secretary of Defense after all these years tell you all you need to know about the totally hopeless incompetent Bush/Cheney administration. The only one who has been continually more wrong than our senile Secretary of State is our pathological Vice-President who seems to be running the country (if it can be said that the country is actualy running).

Will something happen? Will Patrick Fitzgerald actually resurface someday? Is there any hope at all? Please stay tuned.

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