Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stop me before I kill again

Remember this phrase written by some serial killer? It would seem to be particularly pertinent at the moment, given Bush's claim that our national defense policy continues to be preemptive strikes against anyone we feel like "taking out." Iran, of course, is the first "terrible danger" on the list. I guess this is because of our assumtion that Iranians are basically a nation of utter morons. Can there be any doubt that if Iran actually acquired a nuclear weapon the first thing they would do would be to drop it on Israel? They obviously are either inordinately stupid or they have a death wish. Do they think they could drop a bomb of any kind of Israel without suffering an immediate response that would destroy their country entirely? Of course they don't think that. Need I remind you that Iran (Persia) had a highly developed culture (civilization) when the U.S. was still in its bawling infancy? That they are a nation of poets and thinkers rather than a nation of fast foods and nonsensical television? And, I guess this might surprise you, they are not Arabs. In fact, they are the original Aryans (Iranians, Aryans).

The attempt by the Bush/Cheney administration to demonize Iran is disgusting beyond belief. Having overthrown their legitimate government in the past to install our puppet, the Shah, and having meddled in their affairs endlessly, why should they have to suffer our attempts to control them (and their oil) any longer? They are apparently a long way from developing a nuclear bomb in spite of the Bush/Cheney attempt to claim otherwise. Furthermore, even if they had a bomb what difference would it make? Russia has had nuclear bombs for years which actually prevented us from attacking them. Iran would be better off with a bonb than not. Indeed, I suspect every country on earth ought to have such bombs as long as we have them, along with the United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea, and so on. I suspect even Lichtenstein would be better off with a bomb than not. And, if we are so frightened that such a weapon might fall into the hands of terrorists, we should get rid of ours along with everyone else. The U.S. is so hypocritical on this issue as to have no credibility whatsoever.

I guess, like our serial killers, Bush/Cheney have decided that as they are already war criminals, they might as well do it again as they would have nothing to lose. For the U.S. to attack Iran at the moment (or ever, for that matter) would be nothing short of insanity (don't bet they are not insane). Our military is stretched to the limit (and perhaps beyond), and have indicated overwhelmingly they want to come home. We are bankrupt and have no money to fight another war. The entire world holds us in contempt and would certainly not condone an attack on Iran. The idea that Bush/Cheney might launch an offensive against Iran because it would unite the country behind them has to be an unbelievable fantasy. Indeed, I suspect if they attack Iran at this point in time there may well be riots in the streets and people actually sacking the White House. A very large segment of the U.S. population believes the Bush/Cheney Administration doesn't know what they are doing. So why would they follow them into another disastrously stupid if not utterly insane attack on still another country that is, in fact, no danger to us? There would have to be a draft. Do you think the American public at the moment would agree to a draft?

It is true that Bush/Cheney and their gang of war criminals are desperate. But are they suicidal? Let us hope not.

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