Friday, March 24, 2006


I think we have reached the point where any further speeches about Iraq can just be dismissed out of hand as laughable. Bush has no credibility whatsoever. Cheney has even less. The Senate and the House are just as silly. Bush/Cheney have thumbed their noses at the Constitution and the rule of law and no one seems seriously to care. There is talk of censure, talk of impeachment, talk of new blood in the White House, and so on. But that's all there is. Talk. Talk is cheap. But it apparently is enough to keep everyone believing that something might be happening. Nothing much seems to be happening. Even Patrick what's-his-name (remember him) seems to have been silenced. The Republicans are about to make legal Bush's illegal warrantless searches. Bush has signed another adendum to the Patriot Act saying that he will not necessarily follow the rules if he doesn't want to. He continues to illegally wiretap and spy. Our Attorney General, such as he is, seems to have copied Bush's smirk and seems not to try very hard not to laugh at Senators. Iraq continues to be a daily bloodbath. No one seem to have a clue how to get out of this disastrous mess Bush/Cheney have created. Democrats continue to keep their heads there where the sun don't shine. It is an absolutely wonderful world, just spinning, spinning, spinning out of control. I guess it must be a result of the intelligent design we keep hearing about.

Luis Posada Carriles, as I understand it, is a Venezuelan citizen. He is a know anti-Castro fanatic. He is believed to have masterminded the terrorist blowing up of a Cuban airliner killing some seventy plus innocents. He escaped from a Venezuelan jail and entered the United States illegally. Venezuela and Cuba want him extradited to stand trial. The U.S. refuses to cooperate (try not to choke - we are afraid he might be tortured). So much for the war on terror. Just more U.S. hypocrisy (is it possible to exceed the limit of hypocrisy? If so, we must be very close).

On Znet today there is a fine article on how the U.S. Press treats Palestinians as compared to Israelis. Worth reading.

The beat goes on but I fear it is getting more and more feeble.

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