Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Republican beat goes on

Man, oh man, the Republicans are distancing themselves from Bush at the moment as fast as they can. They want to kill this Dubai deal now! Real action. Protect our ports! National security! No foreign control! What's going on? How could we be selling our vital assets to foreigners? Might I suggest that the reason we are selling our vital assets to foreigners is because we have to? What happens to people who find themselves falling further and further into debt and have no other way to borrow money? They have to sell their hard assets. That is what we are doing. This is exactly what selling public lands is all about. We don't have the money to pay for our rural schools so we will sell our land to pay. Of course once we sold the land we can't sell it again. It will be gone. So what happens next? I guess, like in China and other Asian countries, we sell our female children.

Do you really believe that the members of the House are vitally concerned about national security? Do you think if Bush's poll ratings were 65% they would be doing the same thing? Of course not, they don't give a damn about national security, they want to be re-elected. That's it. Period. End of story. We've been selling our assets for years and no one was much concerned about it. But now that Bush has been caught red-handed, and now that 80% of the public is opposed, it is suddenly a problem that needs immediate attention. Republicans are desperate to stay in power, so desperate that if it comes to it they will even ditch Bush/Cheney. If our Corporate masters decide that Bush/Cheney have become liabilities it will be all over for them. Republicans are only interested in profit. They will sell the rope to hang themselves.

Notice that the Intelligence Committee, with its Republican majority, voted to not investigate Bush/Cheney's illegal warrantless wiretapping (spying). Apparently Republicans think it is good that we should have illegal wiretapping. Oh, yeah, there will be a committee (of Republicans) to oversee it so that will make it okay. If the laws don't allow you to do whatever you want just change the laws. It's the Republican way.

You will also notice that Tom DeLay actually won in the Texas primary he was running in, in spite of the fact that he is under indictment and is widely known to be about the biggest sleazeball in Congress. Texas Republicans don't care how dishonest he is, they are only concerned with power. I bet that if Al Capone and John Dillinger were still alive and running as Republicans they would be elected in landslides. They are cut from the same cloth as our current crop of Republicans - dishonest, criminal, unconscionable, greedy, short-sighted, nasty, hypocritical, and without any saving graces.

War criminals belong in jail, not the White House.

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