Monday, September 05, 2005

Lies, damn lies, and even bigger damn lies

Where to begin? Let's see, in a poll taken after the New Orleans disaster it is claimed that 46% of the American public think the Bush administration acted properly. The MSM want us to believe that this is "not as bad as might be expected." It certainly is not as bad as I would have expected. I would have expected that anyone tuned in to reality at all would recognize utter and total incompetence when they saw it. I guess this must be the 46% who only watch reality TV. This was incompetence on a scale so huge as to be unprecedented. Republicans, predictably, say this is not a time for politics. We shouldn't politicize a national disaster. This from the same bunch of crooks and liars that have done nothing but politicize everything for the past four plus years.

Of course the Rove attack and spin machine went immediately into action. Anything to absolve Bush and his minions from responsibility. First they tried arguing that they couldn't do anything because the Governor of Louisiana hadn't claimed an emergency. She had, as early as the 28th. Bush also claimed no one would have predicted the levees might fail. False as false can be. It has been predicted for years they might fail in a big hurricane. Bush also claimed that the poor unfortunates in the Dome were given one and perhaps two meals at one point. A lie so blatant that someone actually said "it doesn't get more bald faced than that." It would be impossible at this time to actually identify all the lies being told by the Bush Republicans. But that is just business as usual for them.

They can lie all they want but the truth is not hard to come by. FEMA was effectively castrated and placed under (what is supposed to be Homeland Security). The head of FEMA turns out to be a failed, and fired, director of some Arabian Horse outfit. He was apparently picked because he had been a roomate of whoever picked him. He was totally without experience with disaster relief. The head of Homeland Security, Chertoff, turns out to be such a dismal failure he has already been asked if he intends to resign (of course no one in the Bush administration ever resigns as none of them ever makes a mistake). In virtually any other major country in the world the entire administation would resign in shame. In Japan they would all have committed suicide by now. If there was still such a country as the United States of America these people would undoubtedly be impeached. But as we are now the Fascist Republic of Utter Hogwash without a single honorable member of Congress that will never happen. Democrats have become simply "fellow travelers." Witness the Clintons constantly sucking up to Republicans. I wonder how long it will be before Clinton, McCain, Lieberman, and others of that ilk actually begin kissing Bush's hand.

Rove and his henchmen can try to spin this all they want but it is now perfectly clear to the entire world just how hopelessly incompetent the Bush/Cheney administration is, not only with respect to the "war" in Iraq but also with respect to internal affairs as well. They should all be made to spend four days in the fouled Dome with no food and water and then admit to being guilty as charged.

"I beheld the wretch -- the miserable monster whom I had created."
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - Frankenstein

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