Sunday, September 11, 2005

Iran, Osama, and New Orleans

Let's hear it for the Iranians. Better hope they get a bomb soon. Otherwise they will have no protection from a rogue nation determined to nuke 'em and steal their oil. The Bush/Cheney crazies are now changing the nuclear rules so they can make pre-emptive nuclear attacks on anyone they choose whenever they choose. They want to develop new "bunker buster" nuclear bombs. Why would they want to do this? Because they and the Israelis think there are people in the world (like Iran) who might have underground facilities to develop nuclear bombs. And as we and the Israelis have nuclear weapons we don't want anyone else to have them (they might be able to protect themselves from American pirates). Of course the fact that Pakistan and India, as well as Israel, Russia, Britain, and France, along with North Korea, have such weapons, it would obviously be unthinkable that Iran might want them. Too bad Iraq didn't have them. They might have been able to protect themselves from being raped and looted by a nation gone mad with dreams of empire. One might want to point out to the Bush/Cheney loonies that there are other countries with nuclear weapons and they might very well decide they are not going to be continually intimidated by the U.S. Are the neocons really willing to take on all the rest of the world? While Bush/Cheney and their minions might think they can control the world they may well find out the truth. "Nuke their ass and steal their gas." When I first saw that as a bumper sticker I thought it must be just some disgruntled right-winger wanting some attention. I didn't realize it was the battle cry of the neocons.

Hugh Kaufman, with 35 years of experience in the Environmental Protection Agency, and who is an expert on toxic wastes, etc., has told The Independent that New Orleans will be too toxic to inhabit safely for at least ten years. He also said the Bush/Cheney administration is trying to cover up just how bad it really is (of course). This means that those poor souls who are put in there to clean up are going to be at risk for health problems. Will this keep Bush/Cheney from going ahead with their program? No, they will do what they did after 9/11 - claim there is no problem and let the workers just go ahead and put themselves in danger (the problems won't even become apparent until after they are out of office). Can you believe this? I can.

Now for a bit of idle speculation. Why have we not found Osama bin Laden? He has been at large for longer than it took us to win WW II. We claim we know pretty much where he is (somewhere on the Afghan/Pakistan border) but we just cannot find him. I have no real facts about this matter but I suspect the reason he has not been found and brought to justice is because WE DON'T WANT TO FIND HIM. If we did find him and not kill him outright he would probably possess a lot of embarrassing information about the U.S. He was, almost certainly, a CIA asset during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. He may well still be a CIA asset. He may have something to do with the international drug trade which Sydel Emonds knows something about but has been muzzled. He may, in fact, just be small potatoes in an international drug ring that reaches right into the U.S. government. In any case, if the U.S. truly wanted to find him they could do so. Bush, after saying we would get him "dead or alive," then changed his tune to "I am not concerned about him." Doesn't that strike anyone as odd (to say the least). If there were no further terrorist attacks anywhere I guess we could claim that bin Laden has been neutralized and therefore is no longer a problem. But are there no further terrorist attacks? Of course not. But do Bush/Cheney need more terrorist attacks to keep us living in fear and therefore supporting their plans? Of course they do. If they can't keep us living in fear they would be exposed for the absolute warmongers and war profiteers they are. Their corporate cronies in the military-industrial con-game would go out of business. The taxpayers might actually keep some of their money. Wake up America! You are being conned big time.

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