Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A brief review

Let's see. Tom DeLay, almost certainly the most corrupt Republican politician in recent history, has finally been indicted for something - conspiracy to violate election laws. Bill Frist is in trouble for almost certainly being guilty of insider trading (a la Martha Stewart). The chief procurement official (what's his name) has been indicted for lying, among other things. No one knows for sure what Fitzgerald is going to do in October but it appears that Rove, and quite likely Bolton as well, are vulnerable and may be in big trouble (in fact this Fitzgerald thing might well go up higher in the chain of command). The Republican party in Ohio is in a mess of scandal. The torture scandal is heating up and will probably lead to those higher than the poor enlisted slobs that so far have been blamed. The Abramhoff scandal is proving to lead right into the White House (remember he's DeLay's best friend).The Katrina scandal is getting worse day by day in spite of Republican attempts to blame everyone except themselves and especially Bush. Iraq is engaged in a civil war (although no one wants to admit it at the moment). The national debt is at an all time high. Bush's poll numbers are the lowest ever for a second term President. There is no exit strategy to get us out of Iraq even though it is clear that a majority of American citizens want us out of Iraq NOW. America has become despised by virtually the entire world. There are more people in poverty than ever before. There is rampant unemployment. The billions of (non-existent) dollars earmarked for rebuilding New Orleans have already been given to Bush/Cheney cronies in no-bid contracts. Laws to protect the wages of workers engaged in rebuilding have been changed to benefit the corporations' profits. Karen Hughes who has been charged with refurbishing the image of America in the Middle East is being rebuffed daily by Middle Eastern women who are much smarter than she. Condi Rice's incessant babbling seems to be ignored. Bush may or may not be back on the bottle. Cheney has disappeared under another rock someplace. Our Secretary of Defense, what's-his-name, oh, yeah, Rumsfeld, seems to be laying low somewhere or other. Democrats seem to be absent without leave. Brown, the ex head of FEMA has been exposed for the moron he is. Chertoff has so far more or less (not deservably) escaped responsibility. Homeland Security has been exposed as a total billions of dollar failure. FEMA likewise. Social Security reform has tanked. Iran is thumbing its nose at the world (and rightly so). Our nation is in the hands of an unbelievably greedy and evil band of war criminals. Israel is bombing and destroying Gaza. My feet stink and I don't love Jesus.

Other than that I think things are going pretty well. Don't you? Stay the course I say. Stay the course.


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