Sunday, September 25, 2005

How low would it have to go?

As I was traveling I did not have much of a chance to keep up with the demonstratons in Washington D.C. Of course when I did have a chance to look at a tv there was no mention of any demonstration. Just non-stop hurricane stuff. Certainly a help to Bush/Cheney as of course it kept everyone's attention away from whatever other terrible things they could have been doing (and almost surely were doing). It gave them a perfect excuse to ignore the demonstrators. And, of course, as usual in such cases it is impossible to actually determine how many demonstrators there were. I have seen the figure "tens of thousands," 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, and 500,000. Take your pick. The police claim 100,000. They are usually very wrong and always, always underestimate. The organizers claim 500,000. They may or may not exaggerate. From the few pictures I have seen, and from what I have heard, I'd say there were a hell of a lot. More than the MSM will get away with ignoring. No doubt the picture will become more clear in the next few days.

Bush's poll ratings are at an all time low. An all time low for any President ever. I keep seeing only 40% favorable but I have also seen less that 40%. So how far do they have to go before something might actually happen. Bush/Cheney just keep on going as if there is no problem. Nixon resigned with ratings better than these. Do you suppose if the ratings went to zero they would just continue on? And no one would do anything about it, just as no one seems to be doing anything about it now (aside from the anti-war protestors, that is). If Bush/Cheney were Japanese leaders they would have committed suicide by now. If they had even a shred of decency or shame they would resign now for the good of the country. For the good of the country! I bet they laugh about that every night. They obviously have no loyalty to the constitution or the country, just to the uncommonly greedy. They will never give up power unless they are forced by such overwhelming public opposition they will have no other choice. It seems to be finally coming to that. At least I hope so.

"The public must and will be served."
William Penn


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