Saturday, September 17, 2005

A great American tragedy

I might have said this before. If so, please forgive me. I think it is very important. The tragedy I have in mind is the fact that Al Gore was not allowed to become President of the United States. Whatever you may think of Gore he was clearly the most qualified person to become President ever, having served in Government all his life, being Vice-President, a former Senator, etc. He was (and is) extremely knowledgeable about the environment, technology, politics, and whatever else one might conceiveably need to know to run the country. But he was passed over in favor of an absolute know-nothing nincompoop who was chosen by our Corporate Masters including the MSM. In my opinion this was a truly great and monumental tragedy. If Gore had become President do you believe even for a moment we would be in the mess we are in now? Would he have illegally and immorally invaded Iraq? Would he have completely squandered the surplus and turned it into the greatest national debt in history? Would he have ignored the problems in New Orleans that could have been fixed for one week's expenses in Iraq? Would he have approved torture as an acceptable practice for the American Military? Would he have claimed the power to incarcerate American citizens forever with no lawyers, no charges, no evidence, and no chance to defend themelves? The anwer to all of these questions has to be a resounding NO! But President know-nothing dimwit has claimed all of these powers and has been aided and abetted by our Main Stream Media. If this is not a true tragedy I do not know what could possibly be worse.

Now notice that the Administration, having failed to completely blame everything on the mayor and Governor, are now trying to blame it all on evironmentalists. This is not new for those of you who read this blog more or less regularly. This is an idea that has been conveniently held by ultra-right loonies from the beginning. To believe this you have to believe that the Bush Administration did not cut funding for levee repairs, wetlands restoration, and disaster planning for New Orleans. Apparently they funded all of these noble projects but at every turn were frustrated by environmentalists. It turns out there were at one time some environmental challenges to levee construction. But this had to do not with improving the levees but with where the earth to do it with would come from (environmentalist did not want it to come from the wetlands). Furthermore, the levees in question were not the levees that broke. But whatever. Facts never make any difference whatsoever to Bush worshippers who are convinced he talks with God and only does the right thing (no matter how many times he has demonstrated his total incompetence). I find the continuing support for this incompetent buffoon absolutely unbelievable. But, then, I don't believe dinosaurs inhabited the earth simultaneously with humans, the earth is only about 6,000 years old, someone built an ark to save every creature on earth from the flood that created the Grand Canyon, somebody or other was swallowed and regurgitated by a whale, or that JESUS SAVES AND MOSES INVESTS. I am sick to death of bible-thumping numbskulls who pray on those more ignorant than they are. Further, if they think they are entitled to take political positions they ought to pay taxes. That would probably shut them up soon enough. Is there no sanity left whatsoever in our country?


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kbc said...

I completely agree with you about Al Gore. Our country, indeed the world, would be a very different and much better place if he had been able to take the office he won.
I also share your frustration with just about everything that is happening, and feel helpless as the country is crumbling under the weight of incompetent leaders and partisanship.