Saturday, May 14, 2005

Republican delusions

Only Republicans could possibly delude themselves into believing that John Bolton would be a satisfactory Ambassador to the United Nations. No one who has been following this appointment could possibly believe he is anything other that what he has been exposed to be - a disgusting bully who insists that intelligence should be interpreted in precisely the way he wants it to be interpreted. A bald faced liar who blatantly lied to the Senate while being questioned. In instance after instance he has been overruled by his superiors while attempting to distort evidence against Cuba, Syria, and others. But he is Cheney's disciple and Cheney wants him to have this appointment - so Republicans Senators, who are supposed to be strong and independent, simply cave in to him. We are very close to a dictatorship in this country. And the dictator is not George W. Bush who is merely a figurehead who mouths his written lines and is kept out of the action - witness the recent alert at the White House where Bush wasn't even told what was happening until it was all over. Because of "protocal" we are told. Protocal that says the Commander in Chief is irrelevant in case of emergency?

Now we are going to be confronted with the "nuclear option." Frist, who entertains absurd notions of running for President, has decided to court the extreme right wingnuts for this purpose. He is willing to abandon 217 years of precedent in order to further his own ambition. And is obviously willing to pack the courts with judges so extreme they will be able to corrupt our legal system for years to come. Please, someone, tell me this is all a bad dream.

Of course our major media continue to ignore the biggest war crime in history, short perhaps, of the Nazi attempt to conquer all of Europe and Russia. There is no doubt any longer as to what happened about our outrageous attack on a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us, about torture, hiding captives from the Red Cross, bombing innocent civilians, war profiteering, and more. AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE! At least people like John Conyer Jr. and Henry Waxman try, but they seem to just be ignored time after time. What is it going to take? I shudder to think.

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Deb said...

I'm shuddering with you.

I suspect that "what it takes" is a financial nightmare so that those who are currently too comfortable to be bothered getting involved suddenly realize that their silence had a price. But it may be too late by then.