Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ah, Kansas

Watch 'n Wait - I signed on to impeach Bush/Cheney months ago but, of course, nothing happens. This Republican House will never, never bring it up. Bush could rape someone on the White House steps and they would find some excuse for it.

The state of Kansas seems to be determined to make itself the laughing stock of the world. They worry about questions that were answered in England years and years ago. Why does anyone, including the newspeople, even pay any attention to this utter nonsense. Are there no people in Kansas that believe in evolution? Where are they? Why are they putting up with this total farce? Of course evolution is "only a theory." Intelligent Design is "only a total fantasy." Does no one in Kansas know the difference between a theory and a fantasy? Does anyone there even know what a theory is? Scientists were right to refuse to take part in such a ridiculous meeting. Why does this even rate the status of "news?" Even Bush is reported to have said that the facts were still out about evolution. Further evidence of his borderline retardation. Now he continues to babble on about Social Security even though he demonstrably knows virtually nothing about it. But, as I have said repeataedly, he (and Rove/Cheney) don't give a damn about Social Security. They just want to keep Bush babbling on about it so everyone will forget about all the the more important disasters they have wrought.

Why does the media keep saying there might be, or is impending, a civil war? There is a civil war going on right now. The Sunnis are attacking the Shiites and the Kurds and the Kurds are fighting back and the Shiites are also beginning to fight back and the U.S. troops are on the side of the Shiites. So this is not a civil war? Oh, I forgot, things are going well in Iraq and progress is being made. And the moon is made of green cheese and bears do not poop in the woods.

Stay tuned for tuesday. And stay tuned for Bolton, unless his nomination is withdrawn as it should be. There is going to be a lot of jolly fun in the next few days and weeks. I shall try not to die of apoplexy.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

You'll have a lot of company when it comes to dying of for one. And you're right. Talk about not just a teflon pres, but a teflon admin. Not even a sex scandal would get his removal done. Public is getting a good taste of what happens when a majority party like this one controls everything, and I think they're finally beginning to not like it much. Finally, I say. Beginning, I say. And even Laura Bush, sent to smooth things over, found herself about overrun with protesters. Good. Carry on! Apoplexy is not allowed.