Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The great extortion racket

I am so stupid. No, maybe just inattentive. I have always suspected that the U.S. and the World Development Bank were probably up to no good (I know from personal experience that the Development Bank in Australia/New Guinea was certainly up to no good). But I never realized just how criminal an enterprise it really is. Just yesterday I finally saw a report (from Greg Palast), based upon materials he received from someone in the know, that in the case of Ecuador, for example, in order to repay their loans fully NINETY PERCENT of their oil (and I guess other revenue) has to be used to pay off their foreign bondholders. This would leave them a paltry 10% of their own resources for social programs that might possibly alleviate their terrible poverty. Now aside from the intrinsic absurdity of this it makes it clear that this loan program is not designed to help developing countries. In fact, it is nothing less than an international extortion racket. Wealthy countries make outrageous loans to corruptible officials in developing countries, loans they cannot possibly pay back, and then demand their resources at bargain basement prices. This of course leaves them nothing to develop. If the leaders are not corruptable the CIA "jackals" simply assassinate them. You think this is fantasy? Read An Economic Hit Man and other sources as well. I would never have believed this, being a good patriotic American, as well, I guess as a trusting citizen. But no more. I would no more trust this Administration (or even previous ones) that I would trust a rattlesnake in my bed. Frankly, I don't believe anything they say anymore. Nothing. If their lips move they are lying.

My wife says there is going to be a draft. I say no way. If they try to start a draft hundreds of thousands will finally take to the streets in an outpouring of rage seldom seen in the U.S., at least since the 1920's and 30's. But, of course, I said Ronald Reagan could never be elected president - Bush too. So what do I know? One thing I know is they will never draft my son. Any hint of a real draft and he will immediately become an expatriate. I will immediately, even at my advanced age, take to the streets in protest. I will never rest until the war criminals in this Administration are held accountable for their murderous and illegal behavior. My wife is right, something is going to happen. But it is not going to be a draft. Revolution perhaps, but no draft. It is well past time to hold these criminals responsible for their murderous actions. Impeach Bush/Cheney now!

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