Friday, September 24, 2004

Republican nonsense

Deep in the nearby mountains
the forest creatures
still live in blissful freedom,
unlike we mortals,
unhappily civilized.

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you if I was from either West Virginia or Arkansas I would be mightily offended. The Republican party has just admitted they were responsible for sending messages to those two states that the Democrats would “ban the bible” if they were elected. Apparently Republicans believe that people in those two states are stupid enough to actually believe that anyone could ban the bible. This surely tells you more about Republican elitism and racism than it does about either West Virginia or Arkansas. Don’t forget that one of the reasons Republicans were so anti-Clinton was precisely because he was from Arkansas, in their view a backward state full of hillbillys, biscuits and gravy, catfish, grits and incest. It is obvious there is nothing too low, dishonest, unethical, immoral or disgusting they will not use to attempt to remain in power.

Now that we know the so-called Presidential debates are entirely scripted what is the point of watching them? The questions are screened, the candidates cannot address each other directly, the moderator can only say “times up,” etc., etc. The fact that both sides have apparently agreed to this absolute nonsense tells you all you need to know about the dismal state of American politics. It is not hard to understand why the Republicans want it this way as their idiot representative cannot be trusted to answer any unscripted question, but why the Democrats would agree to this is a mystery I cannot fathom.

Do not be misled by the polls. If there was any truth in them Kerry would be leading and gaining ground. Be prepared for unprecedented dirty tricks and unconstitutional maneuvers. This is life or death for the neocons, not merely another election.

Bush/Cheney - WMD’s

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