Monday, September 27, 2004

More fake polls

The latest CNN/Gallup poll claims to show that Bush is ahead of Kerry by some ten points or more. Don’t you believe it! There is no way it can be true. It is quite contrary to all other evidence. For example, in Ohio Democratic voter registrations are up 250%. It is predicted to be the largest voter turnout in history. A large voter turnout will surely favor Democrats. The Kerry/Edwards campaign is speaking to huge, even unprecedented turnouts. Bush/Cheney continue to speak only to carefully screened voters. Other polls show no such big differences, especially statewide polls. Somewhere today (I can’t find it now) I saw a poll that suggested 52% of world leaders preferred Bush. At least that’s what I think it said. If that is actually what was claimed it is obviously utter nonsense. Bush would be lucky to get 10% in a worldwide poll.

If Bush/Cheney were to actually be elected it will be because of the mass media, television and radio, who clearly are dedicated once again to giving Republicans all the breaks and virtually ignoring the Democrats when not actually going out of their way to denigrate them. America will never be America again until the corporate ownership of the mass media is broken and real competition is restored. If this does not happen as a result of this election and the previous one we are surely doomed to a fascist state with the news corporations simply part of the government itself. It is now and will be far worse that Pravda ever was. At least people knew Pravda was nothing but a government propaganda apparatus. There was none of this “fair and balanced” crap.

It should be clear by now to anyone with a brain larger than a pea why Bush/Cheney started a “presumptive war” against a small, helpless sovereign nation. Weapons of mass destruction, Bushit. Links to terrorists, Bushit. Freeing the Iraqi people, Bushit. Bringing democracy to the mideast, Bushit. Getting rid of a dictator, Bushit. Let us not mince words any further – it was because of oil. Oil alone. We wanted to steal their oil. There is absolutely no other reason for this terrible and illegal “war.” Bush/Cheney and their gang of international thieves are war criminals, plain and simple. And the deaths of thousands of innocent people are a direct result of their greed and lust for oil. Anyone who continues to support them in this criminal enterprise is just as guilty as they are.

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