Tuesday, September 07, 2004


One definition of charade is “an absurd pretense.” Is this not a perfect definition of the Republican convention and campaign? As the Bush/Cheney campaign has so little connection with reality what can it be other than a charade?

Bush/Cheney claim we are winning the war on terror (that is, when they aren’t saying it is unwinnable). This claim can be seen as demonstrably false.

They claim things are going well in Iraq. Clearly not so.

They claim a victory in Afghanistan. Nonsense.

Unemployment has gone down to 5.4. But not if you include the hundreds of thousands who have simply given up even looking for a job.

We’re on the road to recovery. The Stock Market is down and we now have the largest national debt in history.

And what are we to think when the following rather important matters are totally ignored?
Osama bin Laden
Charges that Bush was AWOL
Charges that Bush sniffed cocaine at Camp David
Potential criminal charges against Dick Cheney
The failures of 911
The outing of a CIA operative
The outing of a Pakistani mole
The role of Saudi Arabia in 911
The price of oil
The spy scandal at the Pentagon
The question of Church and State
The Swift Boat liars

And whatever happened to:
Donald Rumsfeld
Richard Perle
Condaleeza Rice
Colin Powell
Paul Wolfowitz
And various other former “bigmouths”

Not to mention such notables as:
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson
Gary Bauer

Republicans want us to believe that everything is just fine, terrorism is under control, George W. Bush will protect us like a father (with a little help from the great father above), and oh, by the way, John Kerry is unfit for the presidency because he sometimes changes his mind (this charge from the greatest flip-flopper in history, George W. Bush himself). Just give us another four years and we will do better this time (but of course we didn’t make any mistakes the first time). If this whole procedure is not a charade, what is? Perhaps a better description would be SCAM.

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