Monday, September 06, 2004


No blog yesterday. Sorry about that. According to the major news media nothing happened yesterday except the Hurricane.

Is it my imagination or is it true that most of the Republican “analysts” are dumb blondes? It seems to me that most of the time I see one of these creatures trying to defend the indefensible they are young blond “true believers.” They seem to be modeled on Kate O’Beirne of the Washington Gang, who would defend Bush even if he was filmed having a homosexual relationship at high noon in Washington Square.

Isn’t it curious that all of the five documents that would answer the question of Bush’s National Guard service are missing? What a coincidence.

I guess it is not surprising that members say they cannot pray for President Clinton’s recovery, just as they would not for Senator Kennedy, Hitler, and whomever. What a noble bunch. Clinton haters will never give it up while at the same time claiming they cannot image how anyone could hate Bush/Cheney. How on earth could anyone in their right mind not hate Bush/Cheney? They are demonstrably liars, war criminals, war profiteers, and totally unscrupulous and vicious politicians who will stop at nothing to stay in power.

Finally, let us consider the polls. The Los Angeles Times and Newsweek polls claim that Bush has an eleven point advantage. If you believe that I have a Golden Gate bridge that I will happily sell you cheap. There is no conceivable way Bush can have an eleven point advantage unless they only polled Orange County. This is part of the media conspiracy to make it look like the election is a dead heat. Otherwise it will be more difficult for Bush/Cheny/Rove to steal another one.

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