Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're the Crazies

We’re the Crazies

Robber snatches money from till,
patron stops him with well-placed
whack to head with six-pack of bottles.

I have believed from even before he was elected that our Disuniter-in-Chief was borderline retarded. I also think he may well be crazy, or at the very least, sadistic.
But recently I have concluded that we (the American public) are the crazies. We must be to put up with him and his Brafia all this time. Consider some of the sordid facts that we already know: he lied to get us entangled in an illegal pre-emptive “war,” against a nation that was no threat to us. He has ordered the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, many of them women and children. He has hidden prisoners from the Red Cross and “rendered” them into secret prisons around the world. He has violated our Constitution that he pledged to uphold repeatedly. He has placed himself above the law through multiple signing statements and refusal to obey them. He has illegally spied on us and insists he will continue. Our elected Democratic Congress refuses to impeach either him or his criminal Vice-President. He has continued to insist that we do not torture. The Director of the CIA has now admitted that we did waterboard at least three terrorists (and probably falsely claims we don’t do it anymore). Waterboarding is torture. It has to be authorized at the highest levels. Bush must have authorized it. It is a well-known and long-established war crime. Our Attorney General says if it happened to him it would be torture, but refuses to say it is legally torture. Bush claims we don’t torture (we just waterboard) because what we did was legal. Everyone knows it is not legal, that it is torture, that he is a war criminal several times over, that he has violated both our laws and international laws, he shows no remorse or any indication that he will stop. And what do we do? NOTHING! If that doesn’t indicate we are crazy, what does?

Oh, yes, the caucus. Last night here in little old Boundary Country 145 people turned out on a miserable snowy cold night to caucus for the Democrats. That is almost three times as many people as turned out the last time we did this. We have 3 delegates to our state convention. Obama won 2 and Clinton 1. Obama had more than 70% of the vote. In Idaho generally Obama won by 81%. What does this indicate? That people in Idaho, the most red state of all, as well a most lily-white state, presumptive home of the Aryan Nations, overwhelmingly voted for an African-American to be President. I am sure that many of these voters are enamored of Obama who is, admittedly charismatic and inspiring. But I suspect that lurking under all of this is the simple fact that there are damn few people in Idaho who would ever vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, the very name strikes terror into the hearts of tough-minded Idahoans everywhere. We have people who refuse to commit to running for office because they think she will be the candidate and every redneck in the state will come down off the mountains and vote against her, taking them with her into oblivion. I don’t believe this but people here believe it passionately. Somehow I doubt very much that Hillary Clinton worries a lot about the state of Idaho. But we sure worry a lot about her. It was great that Obama came to Boise and inspired us. But when the general election comes around, no matter who the Democratic candidate is, he or she will almost certainly lose to whatever mangy black-dog Brafia clown they decide to run. Any friend of Bill Sali’s is a friend of ours.

Can Clinton’s campaign be so hard up for money she had to personally loan it 5 million? Something fishy there. Obama is said to have raised 4.2 million just since last night. The Brafia is in a fine mess. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch (of criminals). Limbaugh, Coulter, and the rest of the Brafia cheerleaders are “fit to be tied” (interesting, I can’t find this in my Dictionary of Idioms) but it is expressive.

“The time to hear bird music is between four and six in the morning. Seven o’clock is not too late, but by eight the fine rapture is over, due, I suspect, to the contentment of the inner man that comes with breakfast; a poet should always be hungry or have a lost love.”
Donald C. Peattie

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