Saturday, February 16, 2008


Limerence. Ever hear of it? It could conceivably become a new Psychiatric term for a new psychiatric "illness." As I understand it, limerence refers to the state of initially falling in love. In order to suffer from limerence you must be totally wrapped up in your newfound love to the point where it can be seen as obsessional. You know, you can't bear to be away from your love, you think of nothing else, can't sleep properly, or eat properly, and so on. Frankly, this sounds to me like pretty much par for the course when it comes to falling in love. But some psychologists seem to think it is a special state of mind that could be a form of mental illness. But don't worry, if the pharmaceutical industry can't come up with a pill for it, it will probably just disappear (as I suspect it ought to). I think manufacturing health problems (where they probably don't exist) is becoming big business. All you have to do is find some plausible excuse for a new pill and you're in business. Take Restless Leg Syndrome, for example. It seems there are a few people who legitimately have something like restless leg syndrome, serious enough that they really need help for it. But the vast majority of people who think they have it, don't really have it, at least not seriously enough to warrant taking pills for it. But with a bit of advertising the drug companies can make you believe you have all sorts of problems, hence the non-stop ads these days for every pill known to man. And when you add the Cosmetic Industry there is literally no problem you can't find a pill or a salve or a lotion for. Wrinkles, no problem. Age spots, no problem, gray hair, no problem, unsightly toenails, no problem, and so on and so forth. God, this is a great counry we live in. Think of trying to live in a country where people just grow old gracefully and accept their minor little problems philosophically. I bet there will be a pill soon for lefthandedness, probably one for making your face perfectly symmetrical, as well as one for your posture. And there will surely be pills to make you live longer (actually, I guess there already are). My mother-in-law (who is younger than I am) often suggests I should do something to look younger. I tell her I don't care if I look younger, I want to be younger. There's no pill for that - yet.

Harry Reid really is a kind of wimp. He seems to make his living providing for Bush's every need. You need more money for the "war?" Call Harry. You want immunity for the telecom companies? Call Harry. You don't want to be impeached? Call Harry. He's supposed to be a Democrat and a leader. He fails on both scores as near as I can tell.

There is an interesting exchange going on, on Red State Rebels, having to do with Walt Minnick. Those who defend him do so mostly on the grounds that he's such a great guy. He probably is a great guy. He is also said to have run a successful forest products company while being an environmentalist at the same time. Someone also claims that he has forgotten more about nuclear energy and waste than most people have ever known. If this is so, I can't help but question why he supports nuclear energy. He must know there is no way to dispose of nuclear waste (the claim that France does is nonsense). He must also know that nuclear energy is fantastically expensive and costs the taxpayers really big bucks. As far as biofuels. which he also supports, there are serious questions about what producing them does to the environment. The most interesting question about Minnick, however, which goes unanswered, is why is he running at all? There is a perfectly good, indeed, outstanding candidate, in Larry Grant who ran against Sali in the last election. He did pretty well for a Democratic candidate in an entirely Republican state and I believe would almost certainly win this time. I would like a straightforward answer to the question: what is wrong with Larry Grant as a candidate for Congress? So far I have heard only two items: first, he ran a lackluster campaign (which I believe is false), and second, he ran an entirely grassroots campaign to avoid taking outside money (some apparently think this was bad). He worked hard in his last campaign. He knocked on doors, marched in parades, met and talked with people around the state, and so forth. He is honest, intelligent, willing to listen, and an outstanding person in every way. Minnick did not run in the last election. He seems to be taking advantage of Grant's previous efforts on behalf of Democrats. I am told he is presumably a better candidate because he's a really nice guy and he has money. I believe Larry Grant is just as good or better as a candidate, and because of the time and effort he has already invested, he is probably quite a lot better. Bill Sali, having proven himself to be an utter nitwit, is extremely vulnerable this time. I think Grant would win easily. He deserves it (and he's not for nuclear energy, which is far more important than money). Vote for Larry Grant!

“In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.”
Ambrose Bierce

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Anonymous said...

You're so wrong about Grant. If he's so great, how come he lost to Bill Sali, a horrible bag-o-weird whose own party hates him? It was Grant's to lose and he messed up so bad, so bad. Working hard is nice, but whatever he did DIDN'T WORK OR HE'D BE ELECTED, okay? He has no fire, no drive - or at least not any that shows. He'd probly be a good congressmen but all that matters is who can win, and he had an easy chance and doesn't deserve another one. ps I'm not from any campaign. Just a guy.