Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There's no fool like an old fool?

Three right feet in sneakers
have been found on islands
in the Strait of Georgia

I find it hilarious that the New York Times broke a story today about possible hanky panky between John McCain and some female lobbiest (sp?). Apparently this story has been around for quite some time but until now they decided not to print it. This raises the obvious question of why? And why now? First, the story is eight years old. Second, they haven’t given any details other than the fact that McCain’s staff intervened “to protect him from himself” (there’s no fool like an old fool?). With no real details known or revealed there is all sorts of speculation – was it romantic (they seemed to think it was). Was it sexual (lots of doubt). More importantly, did he do favors for her clients in some kind of quid pro quo (this is the only thing that strikes me as potentially important). Everyone seems to believe the NYT must have more information than they have revealed. Until they produce it I have to regard this as more comical than serious. Like, who cares what he did with a female lobbiest eight years ago (unless he did her favors for her clients)? I guess that eight years ago he must have been 63, an old enough age to be treated as a child? Somehow this smacks of an LBJ scenario (accuse him of having sex with a goat, even though you know its not true, just to watch him squirm while having to deny it). I sort of miss old LBJ. Obviously McCain is going to deny everything. Probably nothing will come of this. But think of how many hours the MSM can waste of our time. It’s certainly better than having to talk about Iraq, Afghanistan, or the economy.

Now someone has slipped in the notion that Obama is a communist (I don’t remember where I saw this). Whoever it was I am certain he or she is an absolute nitwit, just like those who say he is a Muslim, a Muslim plant who wants to overthrow the government, a cult leader, a socialist, communist, na├»ve, a wimp, or first baseman for the Kansas City Bloomergirls. I’m sure more ridiculous accusations are yet to come, along with other accusations probably too dirty to mention (I haven’t seen the heavy hand of Karl Rove yet). This raises a question I’ve been meaning to ask for some time: If Karl Rove is Bush’s brain, and if he is no longer available in the White House, does this mean Bush has no brain? I mean, I know he has no brain, this is merely hypothetical. As a donkey with a memory that never forgets, what ever happened with that homosexual prostitute, Gannon/Guckert or whatever his name was, who used to mysteriously pay calls to the White House. We never did get an explanation. And why does this association occur in my mind with the mention of Karl Rove? Where is Freud when one needs him? And whatever happened to truth and beauty? Bush/Cheney has done away with them. Can Obama bring them back? Can he possibly live up to all the hype? Of course not. It’ll probably take him the first four years of his Presidency just to clean up the filth in the White House itself, let alone the world. I am assuming he will be the Democratic nominee. In a strange way I feel sorry for him, having to clean up after the Brafia scoundrels that have virtually destroyed our country, a virtually impossible task. I fear that is now the Brafia strategy. They know they can’t win, so let a Democratic President fail at an absolutely impossible task, and then they can take up where they left off – bankrupting our country, destroying any standing it once had in the world, killing indiscriminately, starting new wars, destroying our once proud military, and lying, lying, always lying. What will they do when there is nothing left. Why, they’ll take their money and buy Paraguay (they probably won’t be allowed anywhere else). Bite the bullet. Try to be of good cheer. Sleep well. Have pleasant dreams. Maybe someone will come on a white horse and save us from the barbarian hordes in Washington D.C.

Bill has warned the voters in Texas that it is all up to them. If they don’t vote for Hillary she probably won’t be the candidate. This strikes me as a foolish threat. We’ll soon know if it works.

“If you want to know what god thinks of money, just look at who he gave it to.”
Dorothy Parker

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