Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Young woman mistakenly
deposits meth in her ATM,
along with her address.

I guess it’s good to know that our Senate is fully complicit with the criminal Bush/Cheney administration. With 31 Democratic Senators voting with the Brafia they have tried to keep immunity for the telecom companies that have helped illegally spy on us for so long. The House of Representatives might stop this travesty but don’t bet on it. If nothing happens for a few days we’ll just automatically revert to having to get judicial permission for spying, like we used to before the criminals took over. The telecom industry is the fourth or fifth most powerful lobby. Think that has anything to do with this?

I hope you didn’t miss Bush’s performance this morning trying to coerce Congress into passing this immunity bill. I don’t have his precise words but basically he told us that at this very moment terrorists are plotting to attack our country in such a way that 9/11 will look like a picnic. Fear anyone? Bush is so transparent and so stupid I guess he thinks someone will believe him. I suppose there is a grain of truth in it: someone, somewhere, somehow, someway, someday, might conceive and carry out another terrorist attack. This is like saying Lutherans are people who believe that someone, somewhere, somehow, might actually enjoy him or herself, or something like that.

Justice Scalia, the Dark Prince of the Supreme Court, has now said that the Constitution does not prohibit torture and thus our CIA (or whomever) could slap people and stick things under their fingernails and so on. I haven’t read the Constitution for a long time, and I don’t happen to have a copy handy, but I don’t think it specifically prohibits murder either. It also doesn’t mention a whole host of things that didn’t even exist when it was written. I don’t know why it matters anyway as Bush/Cheney have long since given up paying even lip service to that sacred document. After all, as Bush said, “it’s just a damn piece of paper.”

Kudos to Representative Robert Wexler who is doggedly trying to get Congress to perform its Constitutional duty and impeach Dick the Slimy. He questioned Rice today about the intelligence we were offered before the Iraq “war.” He wants to know why none of the contradictory evidence was mentioned, but only the evidence Condi and others elected to tell us. I didn’t see the exchange but Wexler claims she lied. Condi lie? Surely not Condi? Haven’t all the Brafia members of this administration always told us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Or have I missed something? By the way, watch out for the mushroom clouds that seem to drift around whenever the Brafia speaks.

Have you heard the latest about smoking pot. It rots your teeth, according to some study or other. Wow! It used to just cause black guys to rush out and rape white women. Where do they find people to make this stuff up? Do you think they interviewed the several millions of pot smokers? Maybe just the homeless ones with no money living under bridges? What will they come up with next? Will anyone ever try to bring to an end this utterly ridiculous, useless, costly, stupid “war on drugs?”

I notice that some are trying to label the Obama phenomena a “cult.” If so, it’s the biggest damn cult anyone has seen for a very long time, maybe ever. Some have not given up yet on Clinton and believe she might still win the nomination. It is, of course, theoretically possible, but I believe it to be highly unlikely. “It’s hard to keep ‘em back on the farm after they’ve seen Paree.” There is a danger here for Obama. If people begin to see him as a Messiah he won’t be able to live up to their expectations. Let’s hope he tries. He may be just the person we’ve been looking for. He may prove to be just another politician. Let’s roll them dice and hope that Big Juju will be on our side this time.

“I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability.”
Oscar Wilde

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