Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nukes and stuff

Woman has her dream Greek
wedding, dies of heart attack
dancing in husband’s arms.

More nuclear weapons? I thought we had international agreements to reduce nuclear arms. Bush now wants 150 billion dollars to develop new ones, in spite of the fact they are not needed. Oh, I forgot, they are needed – by the military/industrial/political complex. Another step in creating the new arms race and putting humanity right back on the brink of humanicide. Great job, morons!

If you have been thinking there is something wrong with our Senate, don’t think again. Now the apparent nitwits that inhabit that questionable institution have voted to preserve immunity for the telephone companies who have been illegally helping Bush/Cheney spy on us. Why do they care if they spy on us, they just get more money from them. We continue on our rapidly sinking ship of state. Great job, Senators!

Bill Sali continues in his remarkable ability to vote against anything decent and for anything indecent. Running true to form he voted against making College less expensive (losing 354 – 48), and voted against protection for the mentally ill or addicted (losing 384 – 23). Then he voted for the 168 billion bribe to the public, leading them to believe our President and Congress actually care about us. Sali better hope the Chinese will actually come through with the loan, I think our credit rating, like the dollar, is rapidly deteriorating. Maybe he believes his $600 gift will help get him out of debt. Great job Sali! VOTE FOR LARRY GRANT!!!

John Foster, the Executive Director of the Idaho Democrats has resigned after only a few months in office, “to spend more time with his family.” As usual, an explanation that demands reasonable doubt. I have no idea what is actually going on down there in Boise but I bet it has much more to do with Idaho politics than it has to do with child care.

Since “Super Tuesday” Obama has now won eight elections in a row, having just now won in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. And, as usual, he won every contest by a large margin of votes. So where does this leave the Clintons who “never give up?” It leaves them now banking on big wins in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, a form of Giuliani strategy which may well lead them to the same fate as that discredited opportunist.

I predicted in January of 07 that Hillary Clinton would be our next President, that she was the choice of the Corporate power structure, and the whole thing was a done deal. I also predicted that Obamarama would fade quickly. I still think I was right about the first prediction, but I was totally wrong about the second one. Who would have dreamed that a charismatic African American with little experience could go so far in this nation with its history of discrimination? Anyway, he hasn’t won the Presidency yet, I could still be right about Clinton. I sincerely hope not. I know better than to predict anything in politics. I’m almost always wrong. Somehow I am out of sync with the American public. I’m glad.

Bill Kristol just appeared once again on the Daily Show, confirming what I have long thought. He’s crazy. Isn’t someone out of touch with reality crazy? Of course on that score he merely joins the rest of the Brafia that seems to thrive primarily on blood lust and greed.

The Israelis continue bombing Gaza, and now they say they are going to increase their assassinations of Hamas leaders. How well would it be received if the U.S. announced an official policy of assassinating Russian leaders? Israel has never had anything but contempt for either the U.N. or world opinion. They just blissfully go on with their slow and premeditated criminal genocide, with the help of the U.S., and no one seems able to get them to stop. There will never be peace in the Middle East until someone curbs the Israelis. The two questions that dare not be asked of any of the candidates: what will you do about Israeli colonialism? What will you do about the Bush/Cheney war crimes? The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.

"I wish I could believe in the Bible, like you people -- I just can't. And I wish I could get hope out of it like you do. I've got no hope."
Clarence Darrow

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