Sunday, July 17, 2005

Republican treason?

It should be perfectly obvious by now that Karl Rove certainly did something he should not have done. Whether he will ever be charged with a criminal offense cannot be known at the moment. But what is known is that he is guilty of being involved in a conspiracy to "out" Valerie Plame and thereby to punish her husband for daring to challenge the White House's war plans. The outing of a CIA operative is an act of treason. Republicans, however, seem to think Rove did nothing wrong, or if he did it was all the fault of those nasty reporters who filled his head with information they should not have had. I find it utterly amazing if not actually unbelievable that Republicans would try to defend Rove's act of treason. Can it truly be the case that Republicans think retaining Rove (and protecting Bush/Cheney and Republican power) is more important that national security? Apparently it is as they go around now spouting their talking points: Karl did nothing wrong, he didn't know her name, it's all Democratic politics, etc., etc. It doesn't appear to me that this defene is going to fly, now that Bush/Cheney have been more and more identified as utterly dishonest and their poll numbers are approaching SOS appeals. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of war criminals and right-wing whackos.

Want to have some fun? Go to google and type in "Is Karl Rove gay?" Very interesting.

It seems to me Bush cannot possibly keep Karl Rove in an official position. If Rove doesn't resign or get fired what in the world is going to happen? Republicans seem determined to stonewall this and refuse to act until they leave us no choice but to begin an active rebellion. You can already see this in the usually docile White House Press Corps which now seems to have reached the point of such utter frustration they are actually attacking McClellan on a day to day basis. I hope this proves that there is, indeed, a point at which the American people just "won't take any more."

Where has Dick the Slimy been recently? I find it impossible to believe that our de facto president has been "out of the loop" on all this Plame business. But he seem to be remarkably silent on the subject. Does he believe Rove is innocent? Does he believe Rove ought to be fired? Does he believe Rove even did anything wrong? The one thing you can be reasonably certain about is that if Cheney does speak out what he says will be either a lie or just plain wrong, or both.

I fear the fate of American Democracy (if it still exists at all) is now completely in the hands of Patrick Fitzgerald. I hope he will turn out to be as honest and dedicated as he seems to be up until now. I also hope he doesn't fly on small planes or go anywhere without some super bodyguards. The Bush/Cheney administration has made it quite clear they will do anything to hang on to power, anything at all. Sleep tight America, knowing that you are in the good hands of Bush/Cheney and the neocons.

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