Saturday, July 30, 2005

CNN continues to do their part

You will remember that last saturday on CNN's new program "On the Story," no story involved Karl Rove and/or treason. Today they did the same thing. And they indicated that next week's program would do the same. CNN apparently doesn't believe that treason and a conspiracy to lie us into "war" is worthy of their attention. Actually, they are just following the dictates of the Republican party - distract everyone from the Rove scandal with a concentration on John Robert's nomination for the Supreme Court. Now, of course, they throw in a bunch of uttter BS about how it is that next spring we will start bringing troops home. How convenient, just as the 2006 elections are starting to shape up.

It appears that Cheney is going to make a recess appointment of John Bolton to be Ambassador to the United Nations. As Bolton has failed to be approved by the Senate, for very good reasons, Cheney is going to show everyone just who is boss. Of course it will be Bush who makes the appointment but as usual that is just to do Cheney's bidding. Bolton, with a recess appointment, will be a paper tiger, but what Cheney wants, Cheney gets. Bush probably cares less who the Ambassador is, he's going to be busy cutting brush on his fake ranch for the next month.

There is a growing movement to impeach Bush. I saw somewhere today that fully 42% of Americans think Bush should be impeached if he lied about going to "war." I don't know if those figures are true or not, but I do know there is a growing movement to impeach. You will not, of course, see any mention of this on the MSM, nor will you see any report on the gigantic march on Washington that is to take place on September 24th. If you are not on the internet you won't know any of this. This points up another remarkable division in American society - those who get their information from the internet (computer) and those who get informtion from the MSM and their preachers. This shapes up as the informed versus the uninformed or, in my opinion, the relatively sane against the obviously questionably sane.

I repeat what I have said before: there ought to be a required course in citizenship for all citizens, just as there is a requirement for getting a driver's license. Is getting a driver's license more important than being a responsible voter?

The final proofs of my forthcoming book, The Cham Stones, are in. Now, apparently, all we need is a cover design. Stay tuned.

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